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What To Do With Old Cell Phones

So you’ve upgraded to a new phone. Congrats. Whether you’ve completely switched wireless carriers and are looking to start fresh, or you just upgraded to a next gen device, you now have an old phone you don’t know what to do with. We get it, electronics disposal can be tricky. And while breaking it in... Read more

Phone hack: tips to organize, refresh and speed up your phone

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after a solid decluttering session. For whatever reason, people tend to accumulate stuff, like all the time. Not only in your house, but in your phone too…we’re looking at you random calorie tracking app that doesn’t really help. It’s time to organize your phone. Cleaning out your... Read more

Why You Need to Keep Your Phone Updated

Keeping your phone up to date is a thing. Technology moves quickly nowadays, and what was new 12 months ago is now outdated. Unfortunately, that can include your phone. When cell phones entered our lives they were built to call someone, and in most cases only in emergencies. Now we use them as an extra... Read more

10 Ways Our App Will Make Your Life Easier

Yep, there is an app. And yep, it’s the easiest way to manage everything that is Mint. Whether you have joined the movemint, or are still to see the wireless saving light. You’re on Mint: 1. Keep tabs on your monthly data usage Get real time updates any time to see how much or little... Read more