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12 iPhone hacks to get the most out of your operating system

With Apple’s recent preview of iOS 16, we put together a refresher course on all the secret things you can do on your iPhone. These Apple hacks can turn even the most casual user into an iPhone-wielding life-hacker, regardless of make or model. Let’s get started. 1. Enable silent iPhone notifications The iPhone notification: the... Read more

What is a SIM card and what does it do?

If you’re one of the millions of people who have owned a cell phone in the last several years, you may already have experience with a SIM card. But a lot has changed in the last couple of decades, and in many cases “Does your phone have a SIM card?” is no longer a simple... Read more

Do iPhones have SIM cards? What size do you need?

Like all wireless devices, iPhones have SIM cards of varying sizes. That’s because SIM cards are absolutely necessary to use mobile services on your phone if they run on the GSM (no clue what that is? Find out more with our blog on GSM vs CDMA). A GSM phone without a SIM card would be... Read more

What really happens when you switch your SIM card

You may already know what a SIM card is and how to remove yours from your iPhone or Android device. But you’re probably wondering what exactly happens when you move your SIM card to another phone or get a new SIM card altogether. The short answer? Not much. All the really important stuff is either... Read more

What to do with old cell phones

So you’ve upgraded to a new phone. Congrats. Whether you’ve completely switched wireless carriers and are looking to start fresh, or you just upgraded to a next gen device, you now have an old phone you don’t know what to do with. We get it, electronics disposal can be tricky. And while breaking it in... Read more

Phone hack: tips to organize, refresh and speed up your phone

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after a solid decluttering session. For whatever reason, people tend to accumulate stuff, like all the time. Not only in your house, but in your phone too…we’re looking at you random calorie tracking app that doesn’t really help. It’s time to organize your phone. Cleaning out your... Read more

Switch It Up — How To Bring Your Phone Number To Mint

Ready to join the Mint side? Congrats. The fact that you’re reading this suggests you’ve realized how rude big wireless is and thinking about making the switch to Mint. You’ll probably want to bring your current phone number along too…which is super easy, btw. Here are the 3 basic steps to transferring your number:  Transfer... Read more


3-IN-1 SIM CARD SIM EJECTOR TOOL What the heck is a SIM Card? SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, and it’s a removable card inside your cell phone that stores data unique to its user. Basically, it tells your wireless provider who you are, and it’s the thing that allows you to connect to their... Read more