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Is Unlimited Really Unlimited?

Unlimited Plans Have Their Limits

We’re gonna come right out and say it…you don’t need an unlimited plan. True story. Yes, we realize everything you see out in the world from big wireless makes you think you just can’t live without it. Well, that’s because big wireless can’t live without charging you a ton of money for stuff you don’t need. Here, we’ll prove it to ya.

Unlimited Plans Have Limited Quality

Sure, you’re getting unlimited data, but only some of that data will be at full speed. For example, you may have a plan that gives you the first 5GB at full speed, but after that, it may drop to 3G or even 2G speed. So basically, what good is having unlimited data if eventually it’s gonna be too slow to even load properly?

The slowing down of your unlimited data can also be prioritized. Meaning your carrier can slow down your data speeds in favor of customers who have higher-tiered plans than yours or who have not used their allotted full-speed data. Sketchy much?

You Don’t Have Unlimited Dollars

Most people only use a few gigabytes of data each month because the majority of it is used through wi-fi connections…which doesn’t count towards your data plan usage. Again, big wireless makes you think you need it, then charges you a ton for what you actually don’t need. In fact, you could probably get by with 3-8GB per month and make your wallet happy at the same time. Just look right on your phone to see how much data you are actually using and see if you really need to pay for unlimited.

To give you an idea about how much data you really f*!ing need a month (we said foxing), we broke down our three data plans below. Are you a Wi-Fi Fox, a Busy Fox, or a Streamer Fox? Find out below!

How Much Data Do I Need On My Wireless Phone Plan?

So, there you have it. Sorry to throw a bit of shade on the whole unlimited thing, but we felt it was important for you to know in case you’d like to make a run for it and escape your current plan. BTW, Mint Mobile has unlimited awesome…just sayin’.