(BYOP for acronym fans)

Don't you hate when wireless carriers make you buy a new phone to get the best, but your current phone works just fine? With Mint Mobile, you can totally bring your own phone and still get the best price...we won't make it weird.

As long as you’re cool with how your current phone’s working, we’re cool with it. Just make sure it's unlocked and compatible with our service, and you're good to go. You can also bring your phone number and contacts. Completely up to you.

To BYOP make sure your phone is both:

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Phone Compatibility

Check your phone compatibility below to make sure it's 5G • 4G LTE and VoLTE friendly.


Best results by IMEI number

1. Enter *#06# on your phone’s dial pad. Some
carriers don’t allow you to access (Verizon)
2. Check in the settings:
• Android: Go to Settings > About device > Status
• iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About


The difference between locked and unlocked phones

An unlocked cell phone means it isn’t tied to a specific carrier’s network and can work with more than one service provider. It’s likely a phone that’s already paid off.

How to unlock a phone

You’ll likely need to call your current carrier to have your phone unlocked. (Big Wireless always makes things harder than they need to be).

Since each carrier has different requirements to unlock a device, it’s best to call your service provider and ask for a “network unlock.” Most often a phone call, a visit to their webpage or one of their retail stores is required to start the unlocking process.

When can I unlock my phone?

For most service providers, phones that have been paid for in full are usually eligible within one year of initial activation. If you are still making phone payments, your device will certainly be locked to that carrier. Once your phone is paid off, you'll need to contact your service provider so they can unlock it for you.


If your device is compatible and unlocked, congrats. Now it’s time to get you into a plan.

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Mint fox: bring your own phone


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