Families starting at $15/mo per line

Mint Modern Family Plan

Mix & match individual plans so everyone gets the data they need with no overages.

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Save big buying in bulk

We applied the cost-efficient craze of buying in bulk to wireless service. Buy 3 months of service at a time and save on your family's phone plans. No membership card required.

Save big buying in bulk

No data overages

Get the right plan for the right person with no data sharing. Plus, we'll tell you if each line is on the best plan based on yours and your family members' usage.

No data overages

We'll help move your family to Mint for FREE

Our Activation Support specialists will get the whole fam set up on your new plan at no additional cost. Whether you all want new numbers or want to bring your current numbers to Mint, we’ll do the work for you (including calling your current carrier to help you transfer your numbers).

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We'll help move your family to Mint for FREE

Mint Modern Family Plan Starts With Just 2 Lines

We know family is who you make it, so you can get the benefits of a Mint Modern Family Plan with a minimum of just 2 lines.

Mint Modern Family Starts With Just 2 Lines

How It Works

Buy your lines

Buy your lines

Mix and match the plans you need with the right amount of data for each line.

Activate your lines

Activate your lines

All users must have active Mint Mobile accounts before they can be added to a Mint Family. So parents, be sure to activate any kids' lines.

Build your family

Build your family

Connect 2 or more lines (5 max) in the Mint Mobile app or in your Mint Account to create your family.

The Modern Cell Phone Plan for Modern Families

Any Mint Mobile plan can be combined with another to create a Mint Family, starting with just two lines total (max of five).

Keep your current phone or start fresh, it’s up to you

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The best cell phone plan for two or more lines

Big Wireless would have you believe that having a family cell phone plan means paying hundreds of dollars a month for three, four or five lines of service. But we know that modern families are no longer two parents, two and a half kids, a dog and a cat (Mint Mobile for pets coming soon?).

So if you have just two lines of wireless service that you want to easily manage in one place, Mint Family is the perfect, super affordable family phone plan for you. If you have five lines of wireless service that you’d like to easily manage all in one place, Mint Family is perfect for that too. And it’s all on the T-Mobile 5G Network

Couples looking to save some money, families looking to stop sharing their data, or individuals who insist on having four or five different cell phones for some reason can all benefit from our new, modern family plan options. Get started today to lock in our best pricing with a convenient payment schedule and individual data allotments (because the kids are probably spending way more time on TikTok than you) on the T-Mobile 5G Network

There are no stupid questions, just frequently asked ones.

Mint Family is the easiest way to manage up to five active Mint Mobile lines, all under one account. Mint Families can start at just two lines (because families come in all different sizes) and we don’t require a minimum purchase amount like those other guys. Mint Family allows you to mix and match your data amounts too, because we know you aren’t all spending the same amount of time on YouTube.

Learn more about setting up and managing a Mint Family at mintmobile.com/features/mint-family/.

Download the Mint Mobile app and log into your account. Tap on the Account tab and select “My Mint Family.” Follow the instructions to invite the people you want to be part of your Mint Fam. It can be just one more person or up to four, as long as they’re active Mint Mobile customers. You’ll also need to provide them with your unique code so they can accept your invitation. If one of your family members gets distracted by the latest TikTok challenge and doesn’t accept the invite within 24 hours it will expire, but you can always send them another one.

Yourself and up to 4 other Mint subscribers can be part of a Mint Family. Cousin Steve, mom, relative you found on an ancestry site…all good as long as they are already signed up for Mint service. Your Mint Family will consist only of people you have invited as the Primary Account Holder.

No need for discounts, you’re already saving a fox ton on your wireless bill. And, although there aren’t any discounts you get the ease of managing multiple accounts in one place and other benefits like free Premium Activation Support.

MINTech Advisors are available to help you with any plan you need to activate.

Of course. You can opt out of your Mint Family Plan and go solo at any time.

You can increase the data amount on any line in your Mint Family at any time by paying the difference for the higher data plan. If someone in your Mint Family just needs more data for the current month (maybe they want to binge watch a new show or try their first live stream), we also have data add-ons you can buy.

You can lower the data amount on any line in your Mint Family when it comes time to renew. For example, if you’re on a 12-month, 15GB plan and wish to move to a 5GB plan, you can do so at the end of your 12 months.

Nope. Mint Family allows you to mix and match data amounts so each member of your family gets the plan that works best for them. Because the travel blogger in your life probably needs a bit more data than the person working from home.

If you ever don’t want to wear the pants in your Mint Family and would rather hand over Primary duties to someone else, just tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the app and select “Change Primary account holder”.

No way. As long as you have at least 2 active lines on your Mint Family plan, your price will not change.

Any service plan through Mint Mobile can be added to a Mint Family Plan. We let you mix and match all of the plans within the family because we know not everyone uses data the same way. We don’t require a specific plan type in order to be part of a family. Every family member has their choice of the 5GB, 15GB, 20GB, and Unlimited* plans. Pick the one that’s right for you and them.

*First 40GB at 5G • 4G LTE speeds

Any active Mint Mobile phone line can be added to a family as long as that family has less than 5 people.

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