Can I transfer my service from my current phone to a new one?

Yep. Just make sure you have the most recent vesion of the Mint Mobile app.

1. Login to the Mint Mobile app.

2. Tap on Account and select Order Replacement SIM. You’ll be asked to provide a form of payment for your replacement SIM, but you won’t be charged anything at completion. Currently we give two free eSIM replacements every 12 months.

3. Select Get an eSIM as your option (please note this option will only be visible on an eligible phone).

4. Select This is My New Device, and make sure you’re using the phone that you want to install eSIM on.

5. Tap Checkout. Once it’s processed, you’ll be prompted to install your eSIM. After completing the installation steps, you’ll have successfully transferred your service to your new phone.

Oh, and if you need help, please reach out to our Care Team at 800-683-7392. They’ll help transfer your service, step-by-step.