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I am buying a new device, do I need a new eSIM?

If you are on an iPhone, and using iTunes/iCloud to transfer your data from one phone to another, then your current eSIM will also be transfered.

If you are swithching from one iPhone to another, and choosing not to transfer your data over by using the ‘set up as new phone’ option, then you will need a new eSIM. First make sure that your new device will be eligible with a Mint eSIM, and is unlocked. If not, then you will need to switch back to a physical SIM.

When you have your new eligible device follow the below steps:
1. Open the Mint app on your new device
2. Order via the app. Select ‘Change device’
3. Activate and Install

When you switch to a new eSIM you will keep you current plan and number. No change there.