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Free Mobile Hotspot
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No Wi-Fi, no problem. Use mobile hotspot to connect several devices to the Internet.

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10GB mobile hotspot on Unlimited plans

What is mobile hotspot?

Also known as tethering, our mobile hotspot lets you connect several devices to the Internet even when there’s no Wi-Fi. Oh, and we don't charge for this like some of the other carriers do.

Our mobile hotspot is so hot right now

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Internet Access even without wi-fi

On all Mint Mobile plans, our free mobile hotspot gives you fast & easy access to the Internet.

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Add more data when you need it

If you run out of mobile hotspot, you can easily add more in the app.

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Share the connection

With mobile hotspot, you can share your internet connection locally with up to 15 devices.

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Control your network

Decide who can and can’t access your personal mobile hotspot.

How Mobile Hotspot works

In just a few steps, you can connect to the internet anytime, anywhere.


Turn on mobile hotspot in your phone’s settings.


On another device, go to Wi-Fi and find your phone’s mobile hotspot name and enter the password.


You now have access to fast and reliable Wi-FI.

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There are no stupid questions, just frequently asked ones

Do all plans include Mobile Hotspot?
Yep. All plans include the Mobile Hotspot feature at no extra charge. The data you use just pulls from your monthly 5G • 4G LTE amount. All you need is a hotspot-capable phone. Reminder: Mobile hotspot is limited to 10GB for Unlimited Plans.
Can customers use tethering/mobile hotspot on their 5G phone and share their 5G with other devices?
Yes. You can use and share the mobile hotspot on your 5G smartphone; just remember that hotspot usage draws from your monthly data allotment.
How many devices can be connected to mobile hotspot at one time?

You can share your internet connection with up to 15 devices...which means your friends and family are going to love you.

How do I turn mobile hotspot on or off?

All you have to do is go to your phone's cellular settings, then turn on Personal Hotspot. After that, you're good to access the Internet wherever you go.

Is hotspot free on an Unlimited Plan?

On our Unlimited Plan, you can use up to 10GB of your monthly data for mobile hotspot.

What's the difference between mobile hotspot and Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi allows devices to connect to the Internet or to each other through a Wi-Fi network. A mobile hotspot is a device (such as your phone) that creates a Wi-Fi network that other devices can connect to. In other words, a mobile hotspot grants you and up to 10 other devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) access to the Internet even when there's no Wi-Fi.