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Welcome to unliMINTed

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We know, we know... you need an unlimited plan. Well, we got you with unlimited premium wireless for only $30 bucks a month. There’s not a better, more affordable unlimited plan out there. Except…what if you don’t really need unlimited? Seriously, if you don’t, we can help you save even more money with Mint.

Here’s where things get awesome. When you sign up for an intro plan, we’re gonna be sending you monthly updates showing you exactly how much data you’re using. You can also check your data usage in the app. Then, when it’s time to renew your plan, we’ll recommend the perfect plan for you so you can save as much money as possible. And if that means you should downgrade into something that isn’t unlimited, then we’re gonna suggest you do so. BTW, the average person only uses about 6GB per month.

But wait, don’t most big wireless companies try to upsell me even if I don’t need it? Yes, they certainly do…but luckily, we’re not them. Our whole thing is to make sure you get premium wireless for less. Because if you’re only using 5, 6 or even 9 GBs a month, you shouldn’t be paying more for an unlimited plan you don’t need.

And that’s where unliMINTed comes in. So, go ahead and give our unlimited plan a try if you feel like you need it. If you end up using that much data, cool. But if not…well then, we’ll be saving you money you didn’t even know you could save.