Activation Checklist

Before Activating Your Mint Mobile Account

  1. Make sure your phone is unlocked
  2. Make sure your phone is compatible with Mint; you can use our compatibility checker to confirm
  3. If you are planning on keeping your current phone number, have all the necessary information ready. Depending on your carrier, this typically includes the below (find exactly what you need via our A to Z list):
    1. Account number
    2. Pin/Passcode or Number Transfer Pin
    3. Billing address associated with your account

Activating Your Mint Mobile Account

  1. Receive your SIM card
  2. Activate your Mint Mobile SIM card
    1. Select “Activate Your SIM card” (Mint Mobile app); or
    2. Visit (website)
  1. Enter the 11-digit ACT code on the back of your SIM card and select “Get Started”

  To Keep Your Current Phone Number or Get a New One

4. Using the SIM ejector tool, remove the SIM card tray from your phone and then insert your newly activated Mint Mobile SIM card

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