How do I activate my Mint Mobile trial?

Trying out Mint Mobile is an easy, worry-free process. In just a couple of steps, you can get a 7-day trial that includes 250MB of 5G, 4G LTE data, 250 text messages and 250 minutes worth of calls. 

Before getting started, just make sure your phone isn’t locked to your current carrier. Starting your Mint Mobile trial will not impact your current service or phone number, as you will receive a separate number just for the trial.

How to activate your Mint Mobile trial

  1. Download the Mint Mobile app
  2. In the app, accept our user agreement and then select “Activate your plan”

Note: If your device is eSIM eligible, your phone will automatically detect it and you may select “Continue with eSIM.” If your phone is not eSIM eligible or you did not select “Continue with eSIM”, proceed with the instructions below. 

  1. Enter or scan the 11-digit ACT code on the back of your SIM card
  2. Get a trial number by entering your ZIP code
  3. Enter your name & email address
  4. Locate and remove your SIM tray (instructions in app)

Note: If your device is eSIM eligible and you selected “Continue with eSIM” in step 2, then ignore this step. 

  1. Insert your new Mint Mobile SIM card

iOS devices that are 12.0+, or have been updated since September 2018, will configure this automatically. For older iOS and Android devices to configure data & MMS settings, you may need to complete the following steps (instructions in app):

  1. Copy settings found in the Mint Mobile app and paste them in corresponding fields in your phone
  2. Restart your phone
  3. Open the Mint Mobile app to see your trial dashboard. You have officially started your plan, which means you can celebrate by calling your mom, sending texts or launching your favorite app

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