International roaming tips for your Mint Mobile service

Hitting the global road and wondering about your Mint service? We’ve got you covered with this spiffy guide on managing your service while you explore the world.

1. Load Up on Roaming Credits

Prep for your trip by loading INTL Roaming Credits into your Mint Wallet via the Mint Mobile app. BTW, your purchased credits never expire.

2. Be a Wi-Fi Seeker

You can cut down massively on data usage by jumping onto Wi-Fi whenever you can. Cafes, libraries, parks – free Wi-Fi is everywhere and has your back. Just make sure you’re using a secure network to keep your phone and personal information yours.

3. Wi-Fi Calling is Your Friend

With free Wi-Fi Calling on all Mint plans, you can ring up the home squad at no extra cost when connected to Wi-Fi. All you have to do is turn it on in your phone’s settings. Check out our Help Center article on Wi-Fi Calling for more information.

4. Pre-Download Your Trip Essentials

Before you jet off on your global adventure, download any maps, guidebooks and entertainment ahead of time. This savvy move helps you keep your data in check while you’re savoring the sights abroad.

5. Use Airplane Mode Whenever Possible

Enable airplane mode to block cellular data usage. But don’t worry, you can still hop on Wi-Fi, snap photos and do all the data-free stuff.

6. Hit Pause on Auto Downloads & Background App Refreshes

Avoid sneaky data drain by disabling auto downloads and email fetching. 

On iPhone

App Downloads: Settings > App Store > Disable ‘Automatic Downloads’

App background refreshes: Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Toggle off ‘Background App Refresh’ or individual apps

On Android

Auto Downloads: Google Play Store > Settings > Auto-Update apps > Select ‘Do Not Auto-Update apps’

Background app refreshes: Settings > Apps & Notifications > Select App > Mobile Data & Wi-Fi or Data Usage > Toggle off ‘Background Data’

Check out our blog for more information on background app refresh

7. Keep an Eye on Data Usage

Check your data usage in the Mint Mobile app like you check your travel itinerary – regularly and thoroughly.

8. Think Local SIM

During your trip, if roaming costs don’t fit within your budget, or you need data for things like navigation or streaming, a local SIM might be the way to go.

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