Unlimited for $15 with 6 months of Paramount+ Essential plan on us

What is the “Unlimited for $15/mo with 6 months of the Paramount+ Essential plan on us” promotion?

Starting May 1, this special limited time customer offer will allow Mint subscribers to get 3 months of our Unlimited plan for $15/mo plus 6 months of the Paramount+ Essential plan on us.

Can existing customers get the “Unlimited for $15/mo with 6 months of Paramount+” promotion?

Unfortunately, this limited time offer is only for brand new subscribers. However, existing customers will receive an email with details on the Paramount+ promo with a unique coupon code to redeem 6 months of Paramount+.

How does this promotion work?

After buying your plan, we’ll email you a promo code you can use to redeem 6 months of the Paramount+ Essential plan. Please note: The promo code must be redeemed on a new Paramount+ account/email.

At the end of the 6 month period, your subscription will auto renew. But don’t worry, you’ll receive emails from Paramount+ alerting you in advance of the auto renew date if you want to cancel.

Where can I buy this offer and where can I redeem the coupon code?

You can buy it right here at mintmobile.com. After you buy it, you’ll need to redeem your Paramount+ Essential plan promo code within the redemption window (5/1-6/30). Your full 6 months will start once redeemed on Paramount+. You’ll receive a coupon code to create your account and redeem on Paramount+

The codes can be redeemed across desktop, mweb, P+ app and OTT (over the top media service)

What’s different about this Mint plan and promotion versus others?

With this promo, you’re getting the Paramount+ Essential plan. Everything else about the plan works the same as our Unlimited for $15/mo promotion that you can learn more about here.

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