“Unlimited for $15” promotion FAQs

What is the “Unlimited for $15” promotion?

Starting on March 4, 2024, our new customer offer will allow you to get any of our 3-month plans for $15/mo for a limited time. This includes the 5GB, 15GB, 20GB and Unlimited plans. Unlike those other guys, we’d like to provide relief from the crushing prices of goods & services right now.

Can existing customers get the “Unlimited for $15” promotion?

This offer is only available to new customers.

I’m on a Mint Mobile 7-day trial plan; can I take advantage of the “Unlimited for $15” promotion?

Yes. After you’ve taken us for a test drive (no need to use the whole 7-day trial), just pick the right plan for you and purchase it at mintmobile.com. Trial customers will be able to redeem the offer in the Mint Mobile app.

Keep in mind, it’s only available for a limited time and only to brand new subscribers. When you purchase your plan, you can either keep the number we gave you for your trial or bring your number over from your previous carrier. 

What’s my plan renewal price after the “Unlimited for $15” promotion ends?

After your 3-month plan comes to an end, you can renew for another 3, 6, or 12 months at our standard Unlimited Plan rate of $30/month; or if you want to continue to pay $15/month for your wireless service you can move down to our 5GB plan.

Where can I purchase the “Unlimited for $15” promotion?

You can purchase the “Unlimited for $15” promotion online at mintmobile.com.

Can I change the data amount after purchasing the “Unlimited for $15” promotion?

Because this is a limited-time promotional offer, you will not be able to keep the $15/month rate if you make changes to your plan during the 3-month promotional period. This means that if you purchase a lower data plan and then decide during the promotion that you want to increase your data, you will have to pay the difference between the promotional price and the standard rate of the new plan. That’s why we recommend buying the Unlimited Plan for $15 a month to start. It’s the best deal.

Then after 3 months you should know how many GBs per month you really need. You can lower your data amount when you renew by logging into the Mint Mobile app or your account at mintmobile.com/login. If you want to continue paying just $15/month for wireless data once the promotion ends, you can simply dial down to our 5GB plan.

Can I change the length of my plan after purchasing the “Unlimited for $15” promotion?

You can’t change the duration of your current plan once it’s started. You can, however, set up a new plan duration to automatically renew at the end of your current plan by logging into your account with the Mint Mobile app or at mintmobile.com/login.

If I purchase the “Unlimited for $15” promotion can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes, this promotion falls under our existing Plans Return Policy.

I’m currently locked in a contract with my current provider. Can I buy the “Unlimited for $15” promotion now and activate it later?

Yep, we can be your getaway car. Once you purchase a plan, you have up to 45 days to activate your SIM card. You can keep your current phone number or get a new one; either way, we’ll be sure to let you know when the deadline is approaching. If you need more time, please contact our support team at mintmobile.com/chat or call us at (800) 683-7392.

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