MINTech Advisors

Your Personal Wireless Advisors

Not very tech savvy? Not a problem. With MINTech Advisors, you get direct access to one-on-one guidance during activation and beyond. Skip the hold music, and let our Wireless Advisors do the tech-ing for you.

subscription includes

• Personal wireless advisors to help you with all things Mint
• Dedicated call-in line
• Wireless expert tech support 365 days a year
• Proactive account monitoring after activation
• $15 Bonus referral credit on your first referral
• Tips, troubleshooting and more




MINTech Advisors

worry-free wireless

Our MINTech Advisors help you with all the technical bits without a visit to the store. Just call us and we’ll put you on the fast-track to solutionsville.

Plan activation

Plan activation

Transferring your number

Transferring your number

Sim card / esim installation

Sim card and esim installation

ongoing savings advice & more

ongoing savings advice and more

How it works

Your MINTech Advisors subscription is connected to your phone number and SIM. Here are 3 ways to get instant access to your MINTech Advisor when you join:

Insert your Mint SIM and call 611


Call us from the phone number you enter at checkout


Dial our dedicated, call-in number

There are no stupid questions, just frequently asked ones.

MINTech Advisors are your VIP wireless experts, here to provide one-on-one guidance for any difficulties you may be experiencing with your account as well as tips & guidance to get the most out of your wireless service. And because they’re a dedicated support team, you won’t be waiting on hold to speak to them.

MINTech Advisors can help you with all your wireless questions:

•Wireless tech support

•Plan activation help

•Transferring your number

•SIM card/eSIM installation

•Ongoing savings advice

•Tips, troubleshooting and more

Once you’ve purchased your MINTech Advisors subscription, you can contact an Advisor by doing one of the following:

•Insert your Mint SIM and call 611

•Call us from the phone number you entered while checking out on

•Call the dedicated MINTech Advisors number (you’ll need to have your Mint SIM in your phone to get through the gates)

The first available MINTech Advisor will answer your call so you’ll get help right away.

MINTech Advisors are specially trained to help you with any of your Mint Mobile plan needs. This may include activation, one-on-one troubleshooting, ongoing savings advice, phone tips and more. We’ll also keep an eye out for any red flags on your account to ensure your Mint Mobile experience is as smooth as possible.

Not very tech-savvy? Not a problem. MINTech Advisors help you with all the technical bits without a visit to the store so you can have a worry-free wireless experience.

Yes, with Mint’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you haven’t activated your Mint SIM, then submit a refund OR
Call us from your Mint phone number and a MINTech Advisor can get you sorted out.

Get our exclusive VIP service for just $15/year.

You can renew up to 30 days before your subscription expires via the Mint Mobile app or Each subscription lasts 12 months. You’ll receive an email reminder too.

Nope, just one VIP service that you can use for all of your wireless needs.

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