Mint offers premium service like you get from big wireless companies, but for as little as $15 bucks/mo.

It's the best value in wireless.

“Mint is the only wireless company that wants me to give them less money. I’m not complaining, but WTF?”

Real Mint Customer

“This is a terrible idea”

Mint Mobile Accountant

Cut your wireless bill in half

Your potential wireless savings is right here in black and white…and green. Big wireless can run, but they can’t hide from a comparison chart and a well-placed quote.

“I always thought I paid so much for Verizon because the service was so much better. Then I tried Mint and had the same service quality. Now I want the thousands of dollars back that I paid to Verizon over the years.”

Another Actual Mint Customer

Our Secret Sauce

We run on the nation's largest 5G network, then do the exact opposite of what big wireless does so you can pay less money.

  • No stores, no salespeople, no nonsense

    No stores,
    no salespeople,
    no nonsense

  • We sell our plans directly to you online because having extra overhead is the enemy of saving you money.

  • wireless in bulk

  • Seriously, this is a huge benefit to you. We offer 3, 6 and 12-month plans…the more months you buy, the more money you save.

  • Your data, your call

  • You’re in control of how much monthly data comes with your plan. Making you pay for data you don’t need is just bad form.

  • Bring your own phone

  • Big wireless loves to trap you by selling devices that are locked to their service. It basically blocks you from saving any money…not cool. Your unlocked device is welcome at our place.

Stop Overpaying

Join Mint Mobile and get premium wireless for as little as $15/mo.


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