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Big wireless can run, but they can’t hide from a well-placed comparison chart.

Free Premium Activation Support

When you bring your number from the Verizon or AT&T networks

Our MINTech Advisors are here to make switching to Mint even easier. Simply call your dedicated number and they’ll help you with:

  • Bringing your phone and phone number to Mint Mobile
  • Mint plan activation & account set-up
  • Transferring your personal data to a new phone (we'll help you move your apps, photos & stuff)
  • Canceling your current service (we’ll even jump on the phone with you & Verizon or AT&T to make sure things go smoothly)
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Easy. We do the exact opposite of what big wireless does and pass the huge savings on to you.

Wireless In Bulk

We offer 3, 6, and 12-month plans...the more months you buy, the more you save.

We're Online Only

No stores, no salespeople and no extra overhead to pay for means more mobile phone deals for you.

No Gimmicks

Instead of trying to lure you in with a free year of some streaming service, we just offer the best mobile phone plans we can.

Flexible Data Options

We don't push you into an unlimited plan if you don't need it. You're in complete control of your data.

No High $$ Sponsorships

Spending millions to put our logo on a stadium doesn't help save you money.

We don’t hate you

Everything we do is to help you save money on wireless. Even if you’re already saving a ton with us, we’re gonna try to save you more.


Surprises don’t belong in wireless plans. We’d rather be straight with you.


We never want you to feel like wireless is hard, so we have plenty of customer service outlets to help.


If you use all your high-speed data, no worries. We don’t charge extra or cut you off. Plus, you always have the option to add more.


We send you monthly updates showing you exactly how much data you’re using. When it comes time to renew your plan, we’ll recommend going with less data (and a lower cost) if it makes more sense for you.

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    Best Cell Phone Plans

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Best Cell Phone Plans

Best Cell Phone Plans

Mint Mobile


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Mint Mobile Vs Verizon and AT&T

Why choose Mint over Verizon or AT&T?

If you're looking for the best cell phone deals or the best cell phone provider, you've come to the right place. Mint Mobile plans start at just $15/mo and all plans include unlimited talk and text, free calling to our neighbors in Mexico and Canada and 5G for free. You can also bring your own phone for even more savings.

Mint Mobile vs Verizon

Say bye-bye to monthly bills. Mint Mobile offers service in bulk, meaning you purchase 3, 6, or 12 months of service at a time.

Mint Mobile vs AT&T

With Mint Mobile plans, 5G is included. With AT&T? Yeah, not so much.

Is Mint Mobile good?

We'll admit it. We're biased. We don't know how you define good, but if it means premium wireless for just $15/mo... we're good. We're very good.

There are no stupid questions, just frequently asked ones.

With Activation Support, you’ll receive white-glove assistance from MINTech Advisors. These Support specialists are a trained group within our Mint Care team that will dedicate time to any and all of your activation needs. Within your first 30-45 days with Mint, they will ensure your switch to Mint Mobile is seamless by helping you activate your new plan, canceling with your old carrier (including jumping on the phone with you and Verizon or AT&T), bringing your existing number to Mint, installing your SIM card – whatever you need a hand with to get started.

Once you’ve purchased your new Mint plan with free Activation Support, you can contact a MINTech Advisor by either:
– Calling 611 from a phone with a Mint SIM in it
– Calling us from the phone number you entered while checking out on
– Calling the dedicated Activation Support number in your confirmation email
– Sending a carrier pigeon to our office (not recommended)

MINTech Advisors are specially trained to help you with any of your Mint Mobile plan needs. This may include activation, one-on-one troubleshooting, ongoing savings advice, phone tips and more. We’ll also keep an eye out for any red flags on your account to ensure your Mint Mobile experience is as smooth as possible.

Our MINTech Advisors are available by phone, 7 days a week from 5am to 7pm PT. To contact a MINTech Advisor, refer to the dedicated phone number that was given to you via email.

If you need immediate help, our chatbot may have the answers you’re looking for. Just click the chat icon at the bottom right of this screen.

Our MINTech Advisors make switching to Mint Mobile easy as f*! (we said fox). They’re only a phone call away if you need help setting up your account, activating your plan, bringing your phone number to Mint, inserting your SIM card & more. A friendly voice is waiting on the the other side 7 days a week from 5am to 7pm PT.

Activation Support is available up until you have finished your activation process.

MINTech Advisors are available to help you with any plan you need to activate.

Absolutely. Our MINTech Advisors will help transfer your number over to Mint, and if you need… we’ll even hop on the phone with your previous carrier for you too.

Yes, we got you. Activation Support can be used for both eSIM and physical SIM activations.

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