How To Switch To Mint Mobile

With our step-by-step guide, it's super in you'll be saving huge on wireless in no time.

Let the easy-peasy begin

Switch to Mint in a few easy steps.

Check coverage in your area

1. Check coverage in your area

We run on the nation’s largest 5G network, so you’re most likely in the clear…but check out our coverage map to make sure.

Bring your phone to Mint

2. Bring your phone to Mint

As long as your phone is compatible and unlocked, you can totally bring it over to Mint. Just use our compatibility checker to find out.

Keep your current number

3. Keep your current number

Your number is more than welcome at Mint. Just be sure to have your Billing Zip Code, Account Number and Number Transfer PIN or PIN (Note: Varies by carrier.) from your current carrier. Learn more about bringing your number to Mint.


Don’t cancel with your current carrier until after Mint activation is complete.

Select the right Mint plan for you

4. Select the right Mint plan for you

Choose from our 5GB, 15GB, 20GB, or UNLTD data plans. You’ll start for 3 months at our lowest price, then renew for 3, 6, or 12 months (the more months you buy, the more you save). Not sure which plan to pick? Take our quiz to find out.

Choose your preferred SIM option

5. Choose your preferred SIM option

It’s between a physical SIM card we send you, or instant activation with eSIM. Physical SIM cards work on most phones, but eSIM only works on certain models. Check eSIM compatibility.

Activate your phone plan

6. Activate your phone plan

Hop onto the Mint Mobile app or website and use our step-by-step instructions to quickly activate your physical SIM or eSIM. This is also where you’ll transfer your phone number, or get a new one.


When transferring multiple lines to Mint, activate them one by one and make sure to activate the primary account holder’s line last to avoid any disruptions to your account or service.

Welcome to Mint Mobile

7. Welcome to Mint Mobile

Cue the confetti – you’ve officially switched to Mint…Time to put your feet up and watch the savings roll in.


Finishing Touches

Here are a few ins and outs with your plan.

Create and manage a Mint Family

Start a Mint family with as few as 2 lines and get premium wireless for less for the whole fam. You can manage all accounts right in the Mint Mobile app.

Manage your account

Effortlessly manage your Mint Mobile account online or in our app, where you can track data usage, make plan changes and renew your plan.

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