How do I manage my Mint Family?

As a primary account holder

Being the primary account holder means you can manage everyone’s accounts easily through the Mint Mobile app or in Account Management. Here’s what you can do:

  • Invite & remove family members, or invite a different member to be the primary account holder
  • View your family members’ data usage in real-time
  • Change members’ plan
    • Raise the data amount at any time
    • Lower the data amount at any time (change will be reflected once the plan renews)
  • Pay for all members’ plans
    • We’ll notify you via email & text message when a plan is about to renew so you’re always in the loop
  • Approve add-on requests
    • Your family members may request data add-ons, international roaming credit or wallet funds through Account Management or the Mint Mobile app. You’ll have 24 hours to approve each request.
  • Give your family members cool nicknames like “StreamingSavant”

As a family member

As a member of the family, you get to sit back & chill while the primary account holder pays your bill. So maybe help out around the house or buy them lunch or something. You can also:

  • Request data add-ons, international roaming credit & wallet funds from your primary account holder
    • To request more data online, go to your Mint Family dashboard and choose how much you would like to request
    • To request more data in the Mint Mobile app, choose how much you’d like to purchase in the right-hand navigation menu and send the request to your primary instead of checking out
    • Once the request is sent, your primary account holder will have 24 hours to approve it
  • View your request history & track your data usage in real time

If you’d like to change your plan when it’s time to renew, you’ll need to reach out to the primary account holder directly (using your unlimited talk & text, obvs).

Going solo

Need to opt out and lone wolf it with your own account? No problem. You can leave a Mint Family Plan at any time. Primary account holders would need to invite another family member to take over as the primary before leaving, or the family will be no more and each member will become responsible for their individual account.

If you’re receiving the 12-month rate while paying every 3 months on your Mint Family plan, your rate will increase because you’ll be responsible for making the remaining payments at the 3-month plan rate.

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