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What makes Mint Mobile’s customer care different

According to an article published by Forbes, 96 percent of customers are willing to stop using a service or product due to bad customer service.1 Another study cites that 14% of Americans are most concerned with customer service when they take into account switching phone providers.2  At Mint, we take these statistics seriously, which is... Read more

How to organize apps on your iPhone or Android

Just like a cluttered room, digital disorganization can impact your mental health. With screen time steadily on the rise, it’s now more important than ever to adopt healthy habits in our digital spaces, like learning how to organize apps on iPhone or Android. Forgotten apps can live rent free in an app library for months... Read more

What’s the best cell phone plan for me?

Streamlining mobile data usage is kinda our thing. So we’re all on the same page, mobile data (also called cellular data) is any information sent or received by your smartphone over the internet through a cellular network. And that’s where we come in. Mint Mobile plans fit your lifestyle–not the other way around.   If you’re... Read more

7 ways to lower your cell phone bill

It’s a tale as old as time…or at least as old as the concept of recurring monthly charges. There are things you need, like food, shelter and now, reliable wireless service. But you also want to keep more of your money. We get it, that’s why saving people money is kind of our main thing.... Read more

Does FaceTime use data? (Hint: yeah, it does)

Years and years ago, when a movie wanted you to know it took place in the future, it showed everyone making video calls. And now, anyone with an iPhone can use the FaceTime app to make video calls from pretty much anywhere. We still don’t have flying cars, but that’s a complaint for another blog. ... Read more

What’s the best gaming phone?

Our collective obsession with birds–both Angry and Flappy–has driven mobile gaming technology to the forefront of smartphone development. Faster refresh rates and longer battery lives are becoming the norm in today’s flagship phones, so we wanted to create a guide to help you find the best gaming phone for your playing experience. Ready?  What to... Read more

The best smartphone gift guide of 2022

Sound the alarm, get to the safe room, it’s…it’s….holiday shopping season. Don’t fear.  Mint Mobile is putting a stop to yuletide shoppers’ panic. Use this gift guide to pair your loved ones with some of the best smartphones that have the features they care about most. So take a deep breath, pour your favorite holiday... Read more

What is mobile data? The complete foxing guide

Mobile data, a.k.a. cellular data, is any information sent or received by your phone over the internet via your cellular network. Mobile data is what allows you access to all of your apps, the internet, social media or your email no matter where you’re located–even if your local cafe has banned Wi-Fi to “make people... Read more