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Does FaceTime use data? (Hint: yeah, it does)

Years and years ago, when a movie wanted you to know it took place in the future, it showed everyone making video calls. And now, anyone with an iPhone can use the FaceTime app to make video calls from pretty much anywhere. We still don’t have flying cars, but that’s a complaint for another blog. ... Read more

What’s the best gaming phone?

Our collective obsession with birds–both Angry and Flappy–has driven mobile gaming technology to the forefront of smartphone development. Faster refresh rates and longer battery lives are becoming the norm in today’s flagship phones, so we wanted to create a guide to help you find the best gaming phone for your playing experience. Ready?  What to... Read more

The best smartphone gift guide of 2022

Sound the alarm, get to the safe room, it’s…it’s….holiday shopping season. Don’t fear.  Mint Mobile is putting a stop to yuletide shoppers’ panic. Use this gift guide to pair your loved ones with some of the best smartphones that have the features they care about most. So take a deep breath, pour your favorite holiday... Read more

What is mobile data? The complete foxing guide

Mobile data, a.k.a. cellular data, is any information sent or received by your phone over the internet via your cellular network. Mobile data is what allows you access to all of your apps, the internet, social media or your email no matter where you’re located–even if your local cafe has banned Wi-Fi to “make people... Read more

What is mobile data on Android?

Whether you have an Android or other device, mobile data is any info your phone sends or receives over the internet when not connected to Wi-Fi. It’s what lets you like posts (or pointedly ignore them), put your food pics on Instagram Stories, stream 10 episodes in a row, be real on BeReal and more.... Read more

How to check data usage on iPhone

Any time your phone receives or sends information over the Internet, you’re using mobile data. Mobile data lets you shop online, stream cat videos and check the name of that one actor after the movie you just watched is over. A lot of big wireless carriers push everyone into a one-size-fits-all data plan, but knowing... Read more

What is an eSIM?

A SIM, short for Subscriber Identity Module, is a unique identifier inside every cellular device that helps wireless service providers to know the user’s assigned phone number. Sort of like a thumbprint for your phone number. As with all technology, SIMs have evolved over time. In order to minimize the space occupied by physical SIM cards,... Read more

How to block a number

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re getting calls from a telemarketer in Florida, pestered by a Hinge date that won’t take a hint, or want to get rid of spam calls for good, knowing how to block a number is a useful skill. Let’s get into it. How to block a number on Android Open... Read more