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Wi-Fi Calling

Enabling Wi-Fi Calling & Text allows you to make & receive calls and send & receive text messages when you find yourself with a weak or no cell signal.

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What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling & Text is the ability to make and receive calls and send or receive text messages over a Wi-Fi network instead of your usual cellular network.

How Wi-Fi Calling Works

Typically, calls and text messages go over cell towers, but Wi-Fi Calling & Text goes over the internet. It's an especially handy feature that can keep you connected if you ever find yourself in an area with limited or no cell signal (underground bunker?) but access to Wi-Fi. It still uses your same phone number and you won’t notice a difference in quality.

It could also save you some serious money while traveling. When you “borrow” another carrier’s towers while traveling outside of your carrier’s service area, that’s called roaming - and you have to pay a fee for that. When you’re using Wi-Fi calling, you’re not using towers, so you don’t have to pay any roaming fees - which means more money for souvenirs.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Calling

Reduce data usage

Using data through WiFi doesn’t count towards your monthly allotment.

Extended signal strength

Make/receive voice calls and send/receive SMS messages. (even when the wireless signal is limited).

Eliminate international roaming charges

Make/receive voice calls and send/receive SMS messages while roaming outside the U.S. Bye-bye INTL roaming fees.

How to Use Wi-Fi Calling

Check to see if your device is WiFi Calling & Text capable.

Find your IMEI number
Enter *#06# on your phone’s dial pad. Some carriers don’t allow you to access (Verizon)
Check in the settings:
• Android: Go to Settings > About device > Status
• iPhone: Go to Settings > General > About


How to enable WiFi Calling & Text in your cellular settings

  • Log in to your Mint Mobile account, click WiFi calling & text
  • Click enable
  • Enter your emergency 911 address
  • You’ll then receive a text message from Mint Mobile confirming this change
  • Update WiFi calling in your settings
Mint mobile app allows text and calling with a Wi-Fi network