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In an area with no cell service? Call, text and extend your coverage with Wi-Fi Calling.

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What is wi-fi calling?

Wi-Fi Calling allows you to talk or text over Wi-Fi instead of using mobile data. It’s perfect when your signal is weak and helps you save even more cash.

Why use wi-Fi calling?

Reduced data usage

When you use Wi-Fi Calling, you’re NOT using up the data from your phone plan-that means more savings for you.

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Extended coverage

When a weak signal prevents you from calling or texting, enabling Wi-Fi Calling is there to save the day.

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No international roaming charges

Wi-Fi Calling allows you to call and text abroad without having to use roaming data.

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See if your phone supports Wi-Fi Calling

Enter your phone's IMEI number below to check compatiblity.

Find your IMEI Number

Enter *#06# on your phone's dial pad.

Some carriers don't allow you to access (Verizon)


Check in the settings:

For Android:
Go to Settings > About device > Status

For iPhone:
Go to Settings > General > About

How Wi-Fi Calling works

Save on data and start calling over Wi-Fi in a few simple steps.

Go to settings

In your settings, select Cellular (iPhone) or Connections (Android).


Select and enable Wi-Fi Calling.

Add more info

Enter your emergency address if prompted.


You’re all set to start calling and texting for free over Wi-Fi.

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There are no stupid questions, just frequently asked ones

Does Wi-Fi Calling use the data on my plan?

Nope. Calls and texts made over Wi-Fi to numbers in the U.S. don't use our cellular network, which is awesome because that means you're not using up your mobile plan's data allowance.

How does Wi-Fi Calling work?

Calls and texts usually go through cell towers, but with Wi-Fi Calling enabled, any incoming or outgoing calls & texts will be delivered over the Internet instead.

When should I use Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi Calling is great for when you're in areas that offer little-to-no cell signal but have Wi-Fi; or if you just dont want to use up your mobile plan's data.

Does Wi-Fi Calling come with all Mint plans?

Absolutely. Just be sure your phone supports Wi-Fi Calling and you'll be all set.

Can I use Wi-Fi Calling when I'm abroad?

Once you have Wi-Fi Calling enabled, it just works. In fact, it's even more useful when you're traveling internationally. You can use it to call and send text messages to U.S. numbers for free without having to worry about any international charges.

Should Wi-Fi Calling be on or off?

If there's a reliable Wi-Fi connection, then there isn't any harm in turning it on. It will just help ensure that your calls and texts are still delivered if you happen to be in an area that offers little to no cell signal. If you're out and about without access to Wi-Fi, then you can keep it off. Up to you.