Refer a Friend

Earn up to $90 for each referral

When you make a Mint Mobile referral, the amount of credit you get will depend on which plan your friend picks.

If your friend picks the…
5GB Plan you get $45 in credit
15GB Plan you get $60 in credit
20GB Plan you get $75 in credit
Unlimited Plan you get $90 in credit

Here's How it Works

Mint Mobile Refer a Friend is as easy as 1-2-3

2.Chill while your friend activates their plan

(Dropping a hint couldn't hurt)

CHILL Waiting Fox

3.Bask in the glow of your renewal credit

(You'll receive your credit 2 weeks after your friend activates their plan)

BASK Floating Fox
A credit is a renewal credit that can only be used when you renew your plan
Refer a Friend

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Track your referral progress as you rescue more friends from big wireless bills

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There are no stupid questions, just frequently asked ones.

It’s a referral program for Mint customers. Earn credit for your next renewal when you refer a friend and they purchase and activate a plan.

We’ve got you covered. Your renewal credit will automatically be applied to your next plan renewal. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the savings.

In order to earn credit, your friends must use your unique sharing link to purchase their plan. If one of your friends didn’t use your unique referral code, you’ll have to get a new friend (kidding) to refer to Mint. With our new referral program, it’s never been easier to share your link and refer friends.

All you need to do is pay the difference. It’s that easy.

After you purchase your next plan, any unused referral credits will be stored in your renewal balance and can be used towards future plan renewals–cha-ching. BTW you can only use your renewal balance towards future plan renewals.

You’ll keep the referral credits you’ve already earned. Just keep being a Mint Mobile customer and your renewal credits won’t expire. Sa-weet.

You’ll get renewal credit for up to four referrals per calendar year, but if you want to keep referring because you’re awesome that way, go for it. Your friend will get their $15 once they have purchased and activated.

We’ll notify you whenever you have a successful renewal. You can also see the credit applied in your account when you log in the Mint Mobile app or online. Oh, and we keep track of them all so you see your lifetime earnings success.

It’s pretty easy. Just log into your Mint account, go to the Refer a Friend section and share the unique link. You’ll receive credit about 15 days after they purchase and activate their plan.

We base it on the calendar year, ending at 11:59 PM PST on December 31st with a new year beginning at 12:00 AM PST on January 1st.

You can earn up to four (4) referral credits per year. These are counted when the referral credit is applied to your account 15 days after your friend activates.

So, if a friend you refer activates their Mint plan on Dec 31st, the referral will count toward the following year’s limit, because the referral credit will be applied to your account on January 15th.

Our goal is to make wireless as simple and easy as possible. In every way. And we realized that our Refer A Friend program could be better. With the latest updates, we reduced the amount of referrals while making each one more valuable to you. All four referrals will give you more renewal credit than you earned in the previous program. All they need to do is use your unique link to buy their plan and once they activate it, boom, you both get free credit (but more for you).

They will get a $15 renewal credit for their next renewal; it takes about 15 days to appear in their account after they activate.

Yes, but you’ll only earn credit for up to 4 per calendar year. Your friend will still get $15 in renewal credit.

Keep those referrals coming. You can refer up to 4 more friends during the calendar year.

Your credit is based on the 3-month plan value your friend selects. If they choose a 5GB plan you earn $45; 15GB plan = $60; 20GB plan = $75; Unlimited Plan* = $90.

*First 40GB at 5G • 4G LTE speeds

Big wireless companies can get their claws in deep, and it can sometimes feel like there’s no escape. Rescue the people you love (or moderately like) from their clutches with an option to pay less for great, reliable wireless service. When they save money, maybe they’ll treat you to dinner as a ‘thank you’.

Nope. This is our new better-than-before referral program. Of course, we could change it in the future and make it even better, but that seems like a lot of work. Start sharing before your next renewal and you could earn enough credit to cover your entire renewal. If you can share it, you can achieve it.

Tell everyone you know about how great Mint is. When they decide to make the best wireless decision of their lives, they just need to use your unique link to purchase their plan. When you refer, you can earn anywhere from $45 to $90 in renewal credit per referral. It’s that easy.

All you need to do is use your friend’s unique referral link to buy a plan from our site. Once you activate your new Mint plan, both of you will get free renewal credit added to your accounts within 15 days. You can use this credit on your next plan renewal.

See Infrequently Asked Questions

Referral credits limited to 4 referrals per calendar year. Must have an active Mint account. Friend credits awarded for new customers only. May not be combined with other offers, terms subject to change. See full rules at