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Our Refer-a-friend program just got friendlier.
Yep, we’ve totally enhanced our refer-a-friend program to hook you up even more. Simply share your unique referral code, and when you get 5 people to join Mint, you, my friend, will have earned $240 of renewal credit to put toward your next plan renewal. That’s enough to get an entire year of our 10GB/mo plan for free. Oh, and don’t forget, each friend that signs up also gets a $15 renewal credit. We just thought it was time to make our legit refer-a-friend program even more legitier.


This all adds up to $240, which can get you a free year of our 10GB/mo service. And if you don’t need 10GB/mo, you can apply the credit to any plan. Boom.

Here's How It Works

  • Find your unique referral code under “account management”
  • Share the code on your social feeds, by mail (either snail or e), or by just sliding a note to someone with the code on it
  • If you have a Share the Love Kit, you can just give that to someone too
  • For every person who signs up using your code or Share the Love Kit, you both get a credit that can be used toward a plan renewal


We’ve got you covered. Your renewal credit will automatically be applied to your next plan renewal. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the savings.

If you renew your plan before you reach 5 referrals, your referral count will continue where you left off. So if you make 3 referrals and then renew your plan, your next referral will count as referral #4.

Nope. This is our new referral program. Of course, we could always change it in the future and make it even better. Start sharing before your next renewal and you could earn enough credit to cover your entire renewal! If you can share it, you can achieve it!

In order to get your credit, your friends have to use your unique sharing link to purchase their plan. Unfortunately, if the link was not used we have no way of verifying the referral. Same goes if you have referred customers in the past. We, unfortunately, can’t offer you credit. But there’s no time like the present to refer more friends and family!

All you need to do is pay the difference. It’s that easy!

After you purchase your next plan, any unused referral credit will be put into your wallet balance to use on any Mint service. Cha-ching!

You get to keep it! Any new credit earned after October 29th will be added on top of what you already have from past referrals.

All of them and a bag of potato chips. But, only ten referrals per calendar year will earn you credit. Calendar year is from January 1st to December 31st. On the 11th referral in one calendar year, you will not earn credit.

Reward #6 is equal to reward #1. After you make 5 successful referrals the tier resets, and you can earn another free year after making 5 more successful referrals. That’s 2 years of free service you can earn per year!

Your credit will be applied automatically to your account 15 days after your friend purchases. You can see this credit under ‘Transaction History’ at Renewal credit is available for use after 15 days and will be automatically applied to your next renewal.

Here’s the breakdown:

Friend 1 – $25

Friend 2 – $30

Friend 3 – $35

Friend 4 – $40

Friend 5 – $110

“Free year of service” is equal to $240. Five referrals equal the value of a 12 month, 10GB plan – $240!

Yes, ANYWHERE. Leave it in a public bathroom for maximum reach.

You will receive email notifications when you have successful renewals. You can also see the credit applied in your account under Transactional History.

You will receive your renewal credit after your friend purchases a full plan using your unique sharing link and successfully activates their plan. The renewal credit will appear in your account under ‘Transaction History’ 15 days after your friend’s activation, assuming they’re still an active Mint customer. (They’d be crazy not to be!)

It’s easy. To start earning renewal credit simply log into your Mint account, and go to Refer A Friend in the left main menu where you will find your unique sharing link. Share it via email, Facebook post or through Facebook Messenger by clicking on the icon. You can also copy and paste your link and send to your friends through text or paper airplane–any other way you can think of! When your friends use your unique link to purchase a full plan on and activate it you get your credit!