What is Mint’s Refer A Friend program?

The Mint Mobile Refer A Friend program allows subscribers to earn renewal credit when someone they refer purchases and activates a Mint plan.

How does the Refer A Friend program work?

When your friend decides to make the best wireless decision of their lives, they can:

  • Use a unique referral link you send them to purchase a plan 

Once your friend has purchased and activated their plan, renewal credits will appear in your respective accounts. It’s really that easy.

How much can I earn when I refer a friend?

You can earn anywhere from $45 to $90 in renewal credits per referral; the amount of credit you can earn per referral is based on what 3-month plan your friend purchases:

5GB plan = $45

15GB plan = $60

20GB plan = $75

Unlimited Plan = $90

How much will my friend earn?

Each friend you refer will receive a $15 credit toward their next renewal. 

How many friends can I refer?

You’ll get renewal credit for up to four referrals per calendar year; but if you want to keep referring because you’re awesome that way, go for it. Your friend will get their $15 once they have purchased and activated their Mint plan.

How do I track my referrals and know when my referral credit has been applied?

We’ll notify you whenever you have a successful renewal. You can also see the credit applied in your account when you log in via the Mint Mobile app or online. Oh, and we keep track of them all so you can see your lifetime earnings success.

Visit our Refer A Friend page to learn more about the program and how to get started.

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