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10 reasons why Mint Mobile has the best phone plans

You might have heard about Mint Mobile because of our famous owner, but there’s a lot more to us than that–like having the best phone plan on the market. If you’ve ever wondered “is Mint Mobile good?,” you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled 10 reasons why Mint is home to the best phone plan;... Read more

Mint Plans, Now With More Byte

We’ve got some hot news. The data limit on every Mint plan is increased…for free. We’ll repeat. We’re giving you more data, but keeping plan prices right where they are. Why? Because we’re all about you. If you’re already a Mint customer, keep an eye on your Mint account to watch that free* data go... Read more

5 Myths About 5G: Debunked

You might have heard about 5G and how it’s going to change the future for the better. You might also have heard some rumors about how 5G is bad news. So let’s clear up some confusion around 5G and some of the false claims going ’round about it. Cut to the chase – is 5G... Read more

15 Days of Mintmas – The Answers

On the 15th day of Mintmas, the Mint Fox gave to me …. Our 15 days of Mintmas has come to a close so we’ve done a bit of a round up for those who wanted to know the answers! See which ones you got right, and keep checking our social for more giveaways! (Answers... Read more