How do I set up and manage my Mint Mobile account?

Your Mint Mobile account is set up during the SIM/eSIM activation process via the Mint Mobile app or

Once you set up your Mint Mobile account, you can manage your plan, check your plan balance, purchase data add-ons and more within the Mint Mobile app or website.

Managing your Mint Account is easy. The best way to manage your account is within the Mint Mobile app. When you log into your account, you can toggle between your Main Dashboard, My Plan, Support, and Account Settings.


Keep tabs on your data usage by seeing how much data you’ve used in your plan

My Plan Section

Change plans, make a payment in advance, or turn on Auto Renewal


If you need help with anything:

  • Get 24/7 support from our virtual Chat Bot
  • Visit our Help Center
  • Call customer service (800) 693-7392


  • My Details – Edit first and last name, email address and more
  • My Mint Family – If you manage multiple accounts, you can go here to switch between plans and adjust them as needed

Refer a Friend

Get a free Mint Renewal credit when you refer a friend

  • Earn up to $90 in renewal credit when you refer a friend

Add-ons and services 



SIM Card

  • Change device
  • Order replacement SIM
  • Activate replacement SIM

How to manage your account online

How to manage your account in the app

How do I get my Mint Mobile account number?

To get your Mint Mobile account number, call our Customer Care Team at (800) 683-7392 or chat with us at, through the Mint Mobile app or via the support menu.

Can I temporarily pause my account?

Unfortunately, we can’t temporarily turn off your account and turn it back on.

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