What is Wi-Fi calling and how do I enable it?

As you may already know, most calls made with a mobile phone go over your wireless carrier’s network. Your SIM connects you to a tower, and so on. However, most new phones also support Wi-Fi calling, which is essentially making phone calls over the internet. If you’ve ever called someone via an app, whether it be Instagram, Facetime, Skype, etc…you’ve called someone over the internet. 

Wi-Fi calling takes that technology and makes it work with your phone number. So instead of relying on the person you want to talk to having the same app as you, you can call (or text) them as you would normally, but over the internet. 

This is handy when you’re trying to conserve minutes or messages (which we don’t know much about since we’re all about unlimited talk & text here), but it’s also convenient if you find yourself in a location with limited network coverage.

If your phone supports Wi-Fi calling, it should be relatively easy to enable with just a few steps.

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on your Mint Mobile account

The first thing you need to do is enable Wi-Fi calling within your Mint Mobile account. This will include providing your emergency 911 address in case you ever have to dial 911 while connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Log in to the Mint Mobile app or your Mint Mobile account online
  • Select Wi-Fi Calling & Text from the menu
  • Click Enable
  • Enter your emergency 911 address

Once completed, you should receive a text message from Mint Mobile confirming this change. Then you just have to make sure Wi-Fi calling is also enabled on your phone.

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone

  • 1. Go into your iPhone’s Settings
  • Select Cellular
    • If your phone has Dual SIM you may then have to select Mint Mobile under the Cellular Plans section
  • Select Wi-Fi Calling and turn it on
  • Enter your emergency 911 address if prompted

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on an Android phone

  • Go into your phone’s settings
  • Select Connections
    • You may also need to select Network & Internet
  • Select Wi-Fi Calling and turn it on
  • Enter your emergency 911 address if prompted

Settings for Android phones can vary by make & model, so if you still can’t find the Wi-Fi calling option on your phone, we recommend checking your user manual or searching online for the steps specific to your phone.

And that’s all there is to it. Once you’ve successfully enabled Wi-Fi calling on your phone, you should be able to call or text from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection.

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