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What’s the catch with Mint Mobile? Hear what real Mint subscribers have to say

By Daniel Mariscal

Originally published April 30, 2024


Last Updated May 8, 2024

Mint Fox with a sign that says "What's the catch with Mint Mobile"

We read all our reviews – the good, the bad and the misspelled. Turns out, there’s a lot to love about Mint. Which means it’s too good to be true… right? Because of our slight pro-Mint bias, we’re passing the mic to real Mint users. Read on and hear from some of our five-star subscribers, as they debunk the myths about switching to Mint Mobile.

These reviews came from real Mint customers. They were compensated for their time, not for their glowing remarks – those were free.  

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A quote from a real subscriber answering the question "Is Mint Mobile legit?

Is Mint Mobile legit?

Let’s be real. Lots of Mint users have thought about this question before switching. We get it.  We don’t have dedicated stores. We have a celebrity owner. Like that new food truck that’s always got a line, you’re wondering if this operation’s legit (totally recommend that truck btw). 

Blue | Stay-at-home parent

“So as I was looking into Mint, I was thinking like, ‘OK, what’s the catch?’ There’s gotta be something wrong with it, but it really is as good as it looks.”

Tatiana Garcia | Personal finance content creator

“I have tried to refer quite a few people to Mint Mobile. But I think people honestly believe it’s too good to be true. They really think there’s some catch, but there honestly isn’t a catch.” 

Jackie Lane | Engineer & software developer

“When I meet someone who’s never heard about Mint Mobile, I try to convince them what a no-brainer of a switch it would be… it kind of seems too good to be true. I’m wondering what the catch is, but it really is that great of a service.”

A quote from a real subscriber answering the question "Is there a catch with Mint's pricing?"

Is there a catch with Mint’s pricing?

The short answer is no. The extended blog-answer is: We like doing the opposite of what other carriers do. They raise prices due to inflation, we lower ours. They spend millions at the Superbowl, we sponsor the Iowa State Fair Husband Calling Contest for… much less. And when it’s time to renew your plan, you can keep paying your same low price for premium wireless – no switching things up here.

Michael Goedel | System integration and tech engineer

“I thought it was like a sale or something going on, so I jumped on real quick. And then two years later, it’s the same price.” 


“I like being able to pay for something that’s a little less expensive. I don’t need to pay a lot more money for something I’m never going to use. I’m on the cheapest of the Mint Mobile plans. I just have 5GB a month, and that’s all that I need. By switching to Mint, I’ve saved so much money.” 

A quote from a real subscriber answering the question "Do Mint's plan prices mean the service isn't great?"

Do Mint’s plan prices mean the service isn’t great?  

It’s hard to believe that Mint offers premium wireless at affordable prices, but more expensive doesn’t exactly mean more better-er. That’s a topic for another blog. Know that there’s no tradeoff for spotty coverage when you’re on the Nation’s Largest 5G Network.


“No matter where I go, my service is great, and I haven’t had a problem with it. I love it.”


“There’s really no drawbacks that I’ve found. I’ve only found really good service at a much lower price tag.”


“I seriously haven’t had any problems with the service, even uploading videos… I think I was expecting for it to be like a lower-tier cell service because of the price, but it was operating exactly the same, if not better, than my previous carriers.”

Richard Thiot | Tech Entrepreneur

“I sometimes drive for business to different cities, and the coverage is with me all the way. Recently, I just drove Route 66 on my way back home. Kinda went out of my way, but I had cellular coverage the whole route. It was great.”

A quote from a real subscriber answering the question "What are the benefit of switching to Mint?"

What are some of the benefits of switching to Mint?  

With life being so f*!ing expensive these days, we said foxing by the way, what would you do with some extra cash in your pocket? Deflating your monthly wireless payments can help cover other expenses. Because in this era of inflation, things like flexible data plans, transparency and good-ol’ bragging rights are kinda priceless we think. 


“Saving all that extra money is a huge help with groceries and daycare. It’s lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders and has been a huge stress reliever. I’m very happy with it.”


“My favorite thing about being on Mint is that I pay way less than my friends and family, and I have the same quality of service.”


“Mint Mobile is exactly the same service as your current provider, if not better. It’s a lot cheaper, it’s a simpler app and there’s 100% transparency.”

What’s the catch with Mint Mobile? There’s no catch.

So what’s the secret sauce? We figured out that customers don’t like being overcharged for an essential service. But don’t take it from us. Go deeper down the Fox hole, and hear more from real Mint users as they answer Is Mint Mobile good? If you’re still wondering Are there bad things about Mint Mobile? Don’t worry, we won’t take it personally. And if you need more inspo for your new-year new-me vision board, discover How can Mint help you do more in 2024.

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