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Early Access: Buy 3 Months of Unlimited, Get 3 Months Free Get Offer
Plan Features

Mint Family

The easy way to manage 5 existing Mint Mobile accounts, all in one place

  1. View Monthly Data Usage

    See how much each member of your Mint Family is using and if anyone needs to ease up on the cat videos or streaming.

  2. Add and pay for
    additional data

    If you need extra, we’ve definitely got extra. You can even add INTL roaming credit.

You wear the wireless pants in the family

With a Mint Family, you can add up to 4 other Mint accounts and manage them with ease. It can be a family member, best friend, distant cousin…whoever.

As the Primary user, you’ll be in charge of all other accounts and will know how much data each member is using. You’ll make all the payments for plan renewals and approve requests for plan changes or additional data…like a boss.

Plan Options

Each member of your Mint Family will be able to choose their own individual plan. Meaning Uncle Larry can’t steal all the data because there’s no sharing. The Primary Account Holder (you) will get an email or SMS when it’s time to renew each member’s plan and make the payments. All plan requests and changes will go through you.

Who can start a Mint Family?

Any existing Mint customer can start or become part of a Mint Family. In the Mint Mobile App, you’ll send out invitations to up to 4 other Mint users. They simply accept the invitation to join the fam. This is super convenient if you’re already managing a couple different accounts with one payment method.


  • Log into Account Management either in the app or online
  • Navigate to “Mint Family”
  • Send an invite by sharing your unique code with an existing Mint customer
  • They accept by entering your unique code in Account Management
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