Can I get a new phone with Mint Mobile?

There aren’t many things you can treat yourself to that are as exciting as a new cell phone. And just because we don’t like locking you into long contracts here at Mint Mobile, doesn’t mean we don’t offer great deals on new phones. Whether you’ve been with Mint for a few years or you’re looking to join us for the first time and get a new phone while you’re at it, we have options for everyone.

What kinds of phones does Mint Mobile offer?

We carry the most popular models from Apple, Samsung, Google, OnePlus, LG, Nokia and more. We also know the camera is the most important phone feature for some people, while brand loyalty trumps anything else for others. Or maybe you’re on a budget but want that sweet, sweet 5G. The good news is we have something for everyone.

What kind of phone deals does Mint Mobile offer?

We’ve got phones for existing customers who just want an upgrade and we’ve got phones for new customers that come bundled with our premium wireless service.

You can shop for phones or browse phone plan deals here.

What payment options does Mint Mobile offer on new phones?

Just as you purchase Mint Mobile service in bulk, paying the full amount for a new phone up front is always an option. However, if you’d prefer to break up the cost of your phone into monthly payments, eligible customers are able to finance a new cell phone purchase through Affirm as well.

What kind of warranty comes with each phone?

Any new phone that is purchased from our website includes a manufacturer’s warranty good from the date of sale, so you’re covered there.

Are new Mint Mobile phones locked?

All Apple iPhones and some Samsung phones that are purchased from our website will be locked to the Mint Mobile network for the first 12 months. This information can be found in the Device & Service Details section of each phone’s page. More information about our phone unlocking policy can be found here.

What if I need help setting up my new cell phone?

We’re definitely here to help. Chat with us 24/7 at or hit us up at 1-800-683-7392 (preferably from a different phone that you’re not trying to set up, obvs) between 5 am and 7 pm PT to have someone walk you through getting that new phone just how you like it.

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