How do I enable mobile hotspot?

A standard smartphone feature, mobile hotspot gives you the freedom to connect to the internet anywhere. You control who has access and how your network appears to others – “HANDS OFF!” is our go-to. Be cautious that mobile hotspot depletes your data allotment and battery life, so try to use Wi-Fi wherever possible. 

To activate and use mobile hotspot like a pro, follow these easy steps:

Mobile hotspot activation for iPhone

  • Open the Settings App
  • Select Cellular Data 
  • Tap Personal Hotspot
  • Slide to ON 
  • (opt.) Slide Others to Join to ON

Mobile hotspot activation for Android*

*These are instructions for Android 10 OS devices and up. For device-specific information, give Google search a try.

  • Open the Settings App
  • Select Network & Internet
  • Tap Hotspot & Tethering
  • Choose Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Slide to ON 
  • (opt.) Choose Hide my Device

Once activated, go to the Wi-Fi settings of the device you want connected to the mobile hotspot. Locate the name of your phone’s network (i.e. HANDS OFF!), and enter the given passcode to connect your device. Voila. The world is your oyster, er…office. 

Now that you got the basics down, read on for more helpful tips from our most frequently asked mobile hotspot questions:

Can I use 5G with mobile hotspot?

Yes. You can use the mobile hotspot on your 5G smartphones the same way you do with LTE. Hotspot usage draws from your monthly data allotment.

Do all Mint Mobile plans include mobile hotspot?

Yep. All plans include the mobile hotspot feature at no extra charge. The data you use just pulls from your monthly 5G • 4G LTE amount. All you need is a hotspot capable phone. Reminder: mobile hotspot is limited to 5GB for Unlimited plans.

Can I add mobile hotspot data if I run out?

You betcha. Mint Mobile subscribers can purchase additional mobile hotspot and mobile data in the Mint Mobile app. To get mobile hotspot data, go to “Buy More Data” in the menu and select the amount you need. To purchase mobile data in general, head to “Buy More Data” and choose from the Data Add-On options available with your plan. 

By now you should know the difference between tethering and tetherball. Remember to always check your remaining data allotment and battery percentage before you hotspot.                                           

Go make the world your office space. 

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