How do I set Mint as my default line for Android?

To set Mint as the default line on Android:
1. Go to Settings and tap on “Network & Internet” / “Wireless Networks” to set the correct network preferences
2. Open “SIM Cards” / “Dual SIM Settings”
3. At the top of this screen, you can see the two SIMs inside your smartphone and their status. The rest of the screen displays other Dual SIM settings, which can be grouped in sections like “Preferred SIM for” and General Settings on certain Android devices.
4. Select “Calls / Default Calling Line”
5. A menu should pop up, and you can decide which SIM card you want to use as the default line when you make a call. If you don’t choose a default card for this option, Android prompts you to choose the SIM every time you initiate a phone call.

How to set the default SIM for mobile data on Android:
In the Dual SIM Android settings, you must decide on the preferred SIM for connecting to the internet. Since you can only have one active data connection, you have to set a preferred SIM for cellular data or a default mobile data SIM card. Depending on your device, press on the option to change the default SIM to Mint Mobile’s eSIM. On the next screen, tap on a SIM to select it or confirm your choice by tapping Switch.

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