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We know, we know…you need an unlimited* plan. Well, we got you with unlimited premium wireless for only $30 bucks a month. There’s not a better, more affordable unlimited plan out there. Except…what if you don’t really need unlimited? Seriously, if you don’t, we can help you save even more money with Mint.*first 35GB at... Read more

How To Get A FREE Year of Mint Mobile

Starting on October 29, we are taking FREE to an entirely different level with our new, even friendlier, Refer-A-Friend program. Now, when you refer 5 friends to Mint, you’ll earn enough renewal credit to get a FREE year of our 8GB/mo plan. That’s $240, BTW. And don’t worry, any renewal credits you’ve earned won’t disappear. The free doesn’t stop... Read more

OMGB! Our Plans Just Got An Upgrade

Calling all data-lovers! Boom. Our new dynamite plans are jam-packed with more gigabytes than ever! Since we’re giving you more gigabytes than ever before, you’re getting more value than ever before. You get an upgrade, you get an upgrade, YOU get an upgrade! More Data, More Fun All 3 of our plans are now being supersized... Read more

Choosing The Best Wireless Plan For You

So, you’ve decided to switch wireless carriers. Maybe you’ve decided to get off that family plan or you finally realized that you’ve been overpaying for wireless since, like, forever. Congratulations, oh wise one, but where should you start to find your next plan? With so many different plans out there to choose from, it’s important... Read more

Refer A Friend Has Dropped

Get $30 for your first referral.Tell your friends…that’s the point! We toldja it was coming and now it’s here! We know you’ve been putting the word out so we decided to hook you up AND your friends! For every friend you refer, we will give you and your friend renewal credit. A thanks for sharing the love. Start Sharing... Read more