iPhone settings: How do I configure them?

Good news – if you have iOS 13 and above, your device comes with Mint Mobile’s settings pre-installed so you don’t have to worry about configuring. Not sure which iOS your iPhone currently runs? If you purchased it sometime in the last few years, it’s probably running iOS 13 or above; but here’s how to check just to make sure.

How to check which iOS your iPhone is running

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings menu
  2. Scroll down to General
  3. Click on About
  4. Check your iOS Version

If your iPhone uses iOS 12

After you’ve activated your plan and inserted your SIM card or installed your eSIM (for compatible phones), you may receive a notification from Apple to update carrier settings. If you don’t update them, you won’t be able to use your service.

If you don’t receive a notification, you can trigger it at any time by:

  1. Selecting the “Settings” icon on your home screen
  2. Select “General” 
  3. Select “About”
  4. Tap “Update” when prompted 

Note: Ensure that the “Cellular Data” and “Enable LTE” are both enabled via your device’s “Settings” menu.

If your iPhone uses an iOS earlier than iOS 12

1. Select the “Settings” icon on your homescreen

2. Select the “Cellular” menu option in the first section of the menu

  • Note: Ensure that the “Cellular Data” and “Enable LTE” are both enabled via your device’s “Settings” menu

3. Select the “Cellular Data” option and enter the following information into the fields:

Cellular Data

APN –wholesale

Username –(leave blank)

Password –(leave blank)

LTE Setup (optional)

APN –(leave blank)

Username –(leave blank)

Password –(leave blank)


APN –service

Username –(leave blank)

Password –(leave blank)

MMSC –http://wholesale.mmsmvno.com/mms/wapenc

MMS Proxy –(leave blank)

MMS Max Message Size –1048576

MMS UA Prof URL –http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf

4. Restart your iPhone
Note: Read our article covering what to do if your service isn’t working even after completing the steps above.

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