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What are the best 5G phones in 2023?

By Mint Fox

Originally published May 22, 2023


Last Updated January 5, 2024

What are the best 5G phones of 2023?

If a bad connection has ever ruined a FaceTime call or a car karaoke session on your favorite music streaming app, you can see why the reliability of 5G phones might come in handy. With a 5G phone, you can enjoy all the speediness the newest generation of wireless tech has to offer, and you won’t have to worry about calls dropping before you get to the tea. 

Now that 5G is available on loads of devices, you can easily pick up a new 5G phone without breaking the bank. But first we’ll get into some of the common Qs (and As) about phones with 5G to help you decide which 5G-capable phone is right for you.  

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Do I need a 5G phone?

You absolutely don’t HAVE to get a 5G phone. In fact, there are 4G phones that provide great service and are still super fast. But if you’re curious about the 5G-phone life, here are some of the benefits: 

  • 5G covers most people in the U.S. Check your coverage on Mint here.
  • Faster speeds: Like 100 times faster than 4G. Faster downloads, better streaming quality. 
  • Enhanced graphics: Enjoy playing graphics-rich multiplayer games without any lag.
  • Lower energy consumption: Despite being better, faster, stronger (cue Daft Punk), 5G also uses less energy and could help phones have greater battery durability and a longer shelf life.

For more info on 5G and how it works, check out our blog What is 5G?

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What phones currently have 5G? 

All the newest phones from Apple, Samsung and Google such as iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, the Galaxy S21 phones and Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are 5G-Capable.

That said, this is just the tip of the 5G-capable iceberg. Check out a more extensive list of 5G phones below. 

What are the best 5G phones?

As mentioned above, there are lots of great 5G phones available in the marketplace. That said, the latest models from Apple, Google and Samsung are all 5G-compatible and each comes with an array of features. 

Here’s a little more information on each of these phones to help you decide which one is best for you:

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have a variety of new updates, such as the Dynamic Island and a new 48-megapixel camera system optimized for photo and video. It also comes with a new lightning-fast A16 Bionic processor and display that makes for an overall great user experience. 

Google Pixel 7  

Google’s Pixel 7 range has a new design and includes an impressive camera and smooth user experience that offers stunning photos, and includes Android 13 software. 

Samsung Galaxy S23

If you want a lot of great features but aren’t an iPhone person, the Samsung Galaxy S23 might be right for you. The Galaxy S23 has 200 megapixels, new color tones and dynamic range all on a 6.8-inch screen. It also comes with a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor that enables optimized performance. It also has excellent battery life and loudspeaker quality. 

More 5G-capable phones and devices in order of brand

Here are some of the 5G-capable phones that are compatible with Mint. To see if any other 5G-capable phones are compatible with Mint that aren’t on this list, feel free to use our handy dandy compatibility checker.

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AlcatelTCL 4X
AppleiPhone 12
AppleiPhone 12 Mini
AppleiPhone 12 Pro
AppleiPhone 12 Pro Max
AppleiPhone 13
AppleiPhone 13 mini
AppleiPhone 13 Pro
AppleiPhone 13 Pro Max
AppleiPhone 14
AppleiPhone 14 Plus
AppleiPhone 14 Pro
AppleiPhone 14 Pro Max
AppleiPhone SE (3rd Gen)
AppleiPad (10th Gen)
AppleiPad Air 5
AppleiPad mini 6
AppleiPad Pro (11 3rd Gen)
AppleiPad Pro (11 4th Gen)
AppleiPad Pro (12.9 5th Gen)
AppleiPad Pro (12.9 6th Gen)
BluF91 5G
GooglePixel 4a (5G)
GooglePixel 5
GooglePixel 5a
GooglePixel 6
GooglePixel 6 Pro
GooglePixel 6a
GooglePixel 7
GooglePixel 7 Pro
LGK92 5G
LGQ92 5G
LGV50 ThinQ
LGV50 ThinQ 5G
LGV50s ThinQ
LGV60 ThinQ
LGV60 ThinQ 5G
LGVelvet 5G
LGVelvet 5G UW
LGWing 5G
MotorolaEdge (2021)
Motorolaedge (2022)
MotorolaEdge 20 Lite
Motorolaedge 20 pro
MotorolaEdge 30
MotorolaEdge 30 Fusion
Motorolaedge 30 neo
MotorolaEdge 30 Pro
Motorolaedge 30 Ultra
MotorolaEdge 5G UW
Motorolaedge plus 5G UW 2022
Motorolaedge X30
MotorolaG50 5G
MotorolaMoto edge 20
MotorolaMoto edge S30
MotorolaMoto G 5G
MotorolaMoto G 5G Plus
Motorolamoto g stylus 5G
Motorolamoto g stylus 5G (2022)
MotorolaMoto G100
Motorolamoto g200 5G
MotorolaMoto G50
Motorolamoto g51 5G
Motorolamoto g51j 5G
MotorolaMoto G53 5G
MotorolaMoto G62 5G
Motorolamoto g71 5G
MotorolaMoto G82
Motorolamoto S30 Pro
Motorolamoto X30 Pro
MotorolaOne 5G
MotorolaOne 5G ace
MotorolaOne 5G UW
Motorolarazr (2020)
Motorolarazr 2022
MotorolaRazr 5G
Nokia8.3 5G
NokiaFastMile 5G Gateway
OnePlus10 Pro
OnePlus10 Pro 5G
OnePlus10R 5G
OnePlus10T 5G
OnePlus11 5G
OnePlus7 Pro 5G
OnePlus8 5G
OnePlus8 5G UW
OnePlus8 Pro
OnePlus9 5G
OnePlus9 Pro 5G
OnePlus9RT 5G
OnePlusAce 2
OnePlusAce Racing Edition
OnePlusNord 2 5G
OnePlusNord 2T 5G
OnePlusNord CE 2 5G
OnePlusNord CE 2 Lite
OnePlusNord CE 2 Lite 5G
OnePlusNord CE 3 Lite
OnePlusNord CE 5G
OnePlusNord N10 5G
OnePlusNord N20 5G
OnePlusNord N200 5G
OnePlusNord N300
OnePlusOnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren
Samsung12T Pro
SamsungGalaxy A Quantum
SamsungGalaxy A13 5G
SamsungGalaxy A14 5G
SamsungGalaxy A22 5G
SamsungGalaxy A23 5G
SamsungGalaxy A32 5G
SamsungGalaxy A33 5G
SamsungGalaxy A34 5G
SamsungGalaxy A42 5G
SamsungGalaxy A51 5G
SamsungGalaxy A51 5G UW
SamsungGalaxy A52 5G
SamsungGalaxy A52s 5G
SamsungGalaxy A53 5G
SamsungGalaxy A54
SamsungGalaxy A54 5G
SamsungGalaxy A71 5G
SamsungGalaxy A73 5G
SamsungGalaxy A82 5G
SamsungGalaxy A90 5G
SamsungGalaxy A90s 5G
SamsungGalaxy Book Go 5G
SamsungGalaxy F14 5G
SamsungGalaxy F23
SamsungGalaxy F42 5G
SamsungGalaxy F52 5G
SamsungGalaxy Fold 5G
SamsungGalaxy M13 5G
SamsungGalaxy M14
SamsungGalaxy M23
SamsungGalaxy M23 5G
SamsungGalaxy M32 5G
SamsungGalaxy M33
SamsungGalaxy M33 5G
SamsungGalaxy M42 5G
SamsungGalaxy M52 5G
SamsungGalaxy M53
SamsungGalaxy M53 5G
SamsungGalaxy M54
SamsungGalaxy Note 10 5G
SamsungGalaxy Note10+ 5G
SamsungGalaxy Note20
SamsungGalaxy Note20 5G
SamsungGalaxy Note20 Ultra 5G
SamsungGalaxy Note20+ 5G
SamsungGalaxy S10 5G
SamsungGalaxy S20 5G
SamsungGalaxy S20 FE
SamsungGalaxy S20 FE 5G
SamsungGalaxy S20 Ultra 5G
SamsungGalaxy S20+ 5G
SamsungGalaxy S21
SamsungGalaxy S21 5G
SamsungGalaxy S21 5G Olympic Games Athlete Edition
SamsungGalaxy S21 FE 5G
SamsungGalaxy S21 Ultra 5G
SamsungGalaxy S21+ 5G
SamsungGalaxy S22
SamsungGalaxy S22 5G
SamsungGalaxy S22 Ultra
SamsungGalaxy S22 Ultra 5G
SamsungGalaxy S22+ 5G
SamsungGalaxy S23
SamsungGalaxy S23 Plus
SamsungGalaxy S23 Ultra
SamsungGalaxy S23+
SamsungGalaxy S23+self-sufficient
SamsungGalaxy Tab Active4 Pro
SamsungGalaxy Tab S6 5G
SamsungGalaxy Tab S7
SamsungGalaxy Tab S7 FE 5G
SamsungGalaxy Tab S7+
SamsungGalaxy Tab S8 5G
SamsungGalaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G
SamsungGalaxy Tab S8+ 5G
SamsungGalaxy XCover6 Pro
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip 3
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip 5G
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip3 5G
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip4 5G
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold 2
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold 3
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold2 5G
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold3 5G
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold4
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold4/Galaxy Fold4
SamsungGalaxy Z Fold4/Galaxy Fold4 5G
SamsungGalaxy F52 5G
SamsungGuru 1215
SamsungM33 5G
SamsungW22 5G
SamsungW23 Flip
TCL10 5G
TCL20 5G
TCL20 A 5G
TCL20 Pro 5G
TCL20 R 5G
TCL30 5G
TCL30 V 5G
TCLLinkHub HH500E 5G
TCLRevvl 5G
TCLTab 10s 5G
WingtechCelero 5G+
WingtechT Phone
WingtechT Phone Pro
WingtechCelero 5G
WingtechREVVL 6 5G
WingtechREVVL 6 Pro 5G

Originally published November 2020; updated May 2023

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