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6 Easy Ways To Cut Down Your Data Usage

Running out of high-speed data can be annoying – like when your cat videos won’t buffer or when your endless Twitter scroll is interrupted by slow loading. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve rounded up six easy-peasy ways to cut down your data usage.

1. Adjust WiFi settings to automatically connect to WiFi

You know what they say, “Home is where the WiFi connects automatically.” Check your settings so you’ll automatically connect to a secure WiFi network when you’re at home or the office. It’s pretty easy to enable. Just go to your device’s settings, make sure your WiFi is on and log on to your wireless network. Your device should remember the network and log on automatically whenever it’s in range.

2. Use WiFi to download large files

To take full advantage of WiFi, make sure you’re using it when downloading large files like images or apps. Some apps can be more than 100 MB and downloading them on a network connection will eat up data quickly.

3. Manage Notifications

You probably get a lot of notifications and alerts on your phone or tablet, which can also consume data. Some can be necessary. Others—like being notified that there’s a new level available in Candy Crush Saga—maybe not so much. Be sure to disable email and push notifications, automatic app updates and your device’s GPS when you don’t need them.

To disable your notifications check out these sites:


4. Shut off apps

Closing apps when you’re done using them can also reduce data usage. Many open apps—especially those that provide location services—will continue sending and receiving data even when your phone or tablet is locked. That not only wastes data but can also drain your battery.

5. Turn off cellular data

Cellular data is used when there is no WiFi connection. This will allow you to use the Internet wirelessly but will eat into your monthly data allotment. Consider turning off your cellular data whenever you aren’t using your phone.

6. Check which apps use the most data

Some apps use more data than others. It’s helpful to know which apps are using the most data, so that you can only use those on wifi. Check out using these instructions to see how much data each app uses:

On iPhone: Settings > Mobile Data

On Android: Settings > Mobile Data > Choose the application you would like to see the data usage for

See how easy that is? Now that you’re a seasoned pro, get out there and save your data— 1GB at a time. No need to worry about running out of data with these tips in hand.