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Why you should buy wireless in bulk

By Mint Fox

Originally published January 24, 2022


Last Updated April 14, 2023

Mint fox excited he learned about the buying wireless in bulk
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Like with peanut butter and paper towels, sometimes the best way to save money is by buying in bulk. With Mint Mobile, it’s the same thing with our wireless plans (we even do that whole free sample thing those warehouse retailers do), because the more months of wireless you buy, the more you save. Never heard of bulk wireless? That’s because it’s a concept we introduced to the world alongside the f-bomb (we said fox bomb).

Did we pique your interest with bulk wireless savings (and free samples)? Read on to learn more about how bulk wireless savings helps you get an affordable phone plan and the benefits of buying in bulk. Plus, learn how to try Mint for the best price possible.

How does bulk wireless savings work?

To start, you can get the most savings when you sign up for our 3-month new customer offer, which lets you try our service at the lowest possible monthly price for your first 3 months. After the first 3 months, you can continue the savings by renewing with a 3, 6, or 12-month plan. If you go for a 12-month renewal, for example, you get to lock in maximum savings at the same low $15/mo rate we offer new customers. But no matter which plan length you choose, you’re getting a high value (and high savings).

The savings get even better the more months you buy…hence bulk wireless. Plus, unlike when you buy 100 paper towel rolls, there’s no need to find storage space for your inexpensive phone plans. And unlike 50 jars of peanut butter, you know you’re going to actually use all those months of wireless. 

Now that you get how our bulk wireless pricing model works, you might still wonder: how does Mint Mobile work if I want to switch carriers? Well, we have a whole guide on that, including how to find out if your phone is compatible and how to activate new plans. Spoiler alert: it’s a great idea to switch and you should definitely do it. Plus, it’ll free you from convoluted, confusing contracts and save you some money.

Mint Mobile 5gb plan monthly breakdown for the benefits of buying wireless in bulk

What are the benefits of buying in bulk?

The benefit of bulk buying a ton of peanut butter is probably pretty obvious (answer: hundreds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches), but you might be wondering about the benefits of bulk wireless. So, we put them in an easy-to-read list for you:

  • Affordability: As we said earlier, buying wireless in bulk means savings. Lots of savings. Especially when you buy more months. Our new customer offer gives you the most savings when you sign up for Mint, and when you renew to a 12-month plan, you get the same savings. Think about how much a big wireless plan costs monthly. Now imagine what you could do with that money instead if you already knocked out your cell phone bill for a whole year. Exactly.
  • Choose how long you have your plan for: Unlike with big wireless, you get to pick how long your plan lasts with our bulk wireless, whether that means 3, 6 or 12 months. And if you find you want to keep on with Mint (why wouldn’t you?) it’s easy as f*! to renew (we said fox)—we even have an Auto Renewal option that makes it even easier. Check out the affordable phone plans we offer.
  • No wireless bills: When you sign a big wireless contract, you only get 30 days of peace before you have to give them more money. Not so with Mint. Since you pay for service up front, monthly bills become a thing of the past. You can say goodbye to overages too. Because the only surprises in your life should be parties.
  • Data flexibility: One of the best parts of buying in bulk is the flexibility it gives you when it comes to choosing a plan length & data amount that best fits your ever-changing lifestyle. Say you’re working from home and don’t need a high data plan because you’re not going anywhere (no judgment) and you’re connected to Wi-Fi, which doesn’t use cellular data. You can then change to a different data plan that fits your new comfy-pants-only lifestyle. On the other hand, maybe you’re traveling for work a lot in the upcoming months, in which case you might need a higher data plan to pack with your mini shampoos and foldable toothbrush. Mint’s bulk wireless model gives you that flexibility.
  • The quality stays the same: Just like you when you buy other products in bulk, like 20 bottles of laundry detergent, you’re still getting the same quality of product—just in a larger quantity. It’s the same thing with your Mint Mobile wireless. There are no sacrifices when it comes to your service, just savings.

We’ve just told you all the benefits of buying wireless in bulk, but maybe you’re thinking we’re a little biased. That’s okay. Why not check out reviews to see what other benefits real Mint customers have found?

Ready to bulk up?

Now that you know the benefits of buying wireless in bulk, and you’ve checked out what kind of plans we offer, you should check out something else Mint Mobile is known for: the excellent nationwide coverage, of course. You could even call it bulk coverage. Maybe. We’d have to run it by legal first. 

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