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Debunking Big Wireless Myths

Ever since the first caveman negotiated the price of a new spear down from three stones to two, someone has been getting the short end of the stick (literally) when it comes to deals. And with many of the myths that Big Wireless spreads around, that person might be you when it comes to your... Read more

What’s the Difference? Wi-Fi vs. Cellular Data

Ah, the age old debate- to use cellular or not to use cellular. The answer is pretty simple if you can remember a few tricks.  The main difference between Wi-Fi and cellular data (also called “mobile data”) is how your device is connecting to the internet. Cellular allows you to access the internet, apps, Twitter,... Read more

5G Phones

If you’re as excited about 5G as we are, you might be wondering what phones work on our free 5G network. Luckily, we’ve got them all right here. Just to clarify, you will need a 5G phone to access a 5G network. But, if you’re ready for a phone upgrade and want to make sure... Read more