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How much data does Paramount+ use? And how to make it use less

By Daniel Mariscal

Originally published May 2, 2024


Last Updated May 2, 2024

Mint Fox in a TV with the sign How much data does Paramount+ use? And how to make it use less

You don’t need a mountain of data to stream a mountain of entertainment. We’ll show you how much data Paramount+ uses and how to make it use less. That way you can watch Beavis and Butt-Head reruns without feeling like a complete butt-head.

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Does Paramount+ use a lot of data?

Video playback determines how much data Paramount+ uses. Streaming standard definition quality video on Paramount+ will use about 1GB of data per hour. High Definition will use about 3GB per hour. And if you have a Paramount+ plan that supports 4K Ultra High Definition and Dolby Vision, that number jumps to 11GB per hour. These data approximations are comparable to streaming on Netflix, YouTube and Hulu

How much data does Paramount+ Live use?

Paramount+ includes live TV, so you’ll never miss out on a developing story on CBS News or a touchdown in the NFL. We don’t have exact data usage figures for Paramount+, but we do know Hulu Live TV uses about 3.5GB of data per hour. So streaming live TV on Paramount+ most likely consumes data at the same rate.

Mint Fox with directions on how to check your Paramount+ data usage for iPhone and Androids

How to check your Paramount+ data usage

In the middle of a Ghosts binge? Here’s how you can check how much data you’ve used while streaming one of the most popular comedies on television:

Check Paramount+ data use on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Cellular
  3. Scroll down to see Paramount+ data usage

Check Paramont+ data use on Android phones

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Tap Network & Internet
  3. Select Mobile network
  4. Scroll down to see Paramount+ data usage
How to reduce how much data Paramount+ uses

How to reduce how much data Paramount+ uses

Okay, maybe you went just a little overboard on the streaming – no judgemint. Here are our top three ways to reduce your Paramount+ data usage:

  1. Watch on Wi-Fi
    • To avoid using your mobile data altogether, make sure you connect to a trusted Wi-Fi network whenever possible. That way you can watch Yellowjackets and only have to worry about what’s going to happen next. 
  2. Download content to watch offline
    • This feature only applies to the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME Plan. You can download content ahead of time on Wi-Fi to watch on your device later. And if storage is an issue, you can choose your desired video quality too. 
  3. Adjust your playback settings in the Paramount+app to use less data
    • Select a show to watch 
    • Tap the Settings cogwheel icon, found in the top right corner 
    • Under Video Quality, select Auto, Low, Medium or High

How to get Paramount+ for free

Right now, new customers can buy any Mint Mobile plan* and get 6 months of the Paramount+ Essential plan on us** – as in, you’ll have your own log-in and won’t need to mooch off your ex’s anymore. Get your watchlist growing because this limited time offer is only available from 5/1/24 through 5/31/24.

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**New customers who purchase a plan on prior to 5/31/24 to receive 6-months subscription to the Paramount+ Essential monthly plan on us. Separate registration, and payment method, to P+ required, must subscribe to P+ by 6/30/24. After 6-month period, sub. auto-renews at regular price (+tax), unless cancelled. T&Cs apply.

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