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Relaxing things to do on your phone

By Josh Levesque

Originally published November 29, 2023


Last Updated February 8, 2024

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The holidays are a wonderful time when we travel and shop and connect with friends & loved ones. But with that joy can come quite a bit of stress. Juggling travel plans & multiple wish lists while keeping track of various dietary restrictions can lead to a ho ho whole lot of anxiety. Fortunately, you have a device that can assist you when you need a quick reset, because there are quite a few relaxing things to do on your phone. Keep reading for some helpful tips to turn your phone into the ultimate relaxation tool.

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Can cell phones reduce stress?

Did you like that person’s selfie too fast? Did you ever reply to that text? Did you miss that headline? How many unread emails do you have? Clearly, cell phones have no difficulty causing stress. But your cell phone is what you make it and there are many features & apps that can help you flip the script and turn it into a stress reduction tool. And since your phone goes with you pretty much everywhere, you can use these whenever & wherever you need to relax.  

Sit back and relax with stress relief apps

Different people have different stressors, and we all have different ways to combat them. Whichever method works best for you, there’s probably an app for it.

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Meditation apps

We all have that one friend who swears by meditation. And while you might assume it requires snug leggings, a yoga mat and some incense, the truth is you can meditate pretty much anywhere. Apps like Headspace and Calm provide multiple options for guided meditation, so you can choose whatever aligns best with your needs. There are also some great free phone meditation apps if you prefer to try before you buy or just want to save money.

Guided breathing apps

If meditation isn’t your thing, guided breathing is an effective alternative. Unlike meditation, breathwork involves consciously changing how you inhale and exhale with a specific goal in mind. Apps like Breathe2Relax can guide you through different breathing techniques that will help you…relax (hence the name). 

Coloring apps

Just like the coloring books you’ve loved since you were a kid, coloring apps like Color Therapy and Pigment allow you to tune out the stressors and focus on simple, peaceful art — with the added bonus of being paperless and thus, eco-friendly. 

Calm down by playing relaxing phone games

There are thousands of mobile games available to choose from, some of which might stress you out even more, to be honest. Fortunately, there are several cute mobile games designed specifically to help you relax. Cats and Soup is a simple one for feline lovers while Terrarium: Garden Idle is ideal for anyone who wants to cultivate a garden without dirtying their hands. Some of the best relaxing games are simple matching games or jigsaw puzzles. Whatever relaxes you, there’s likely a game that features it front and center.  

Chill out (or focus in) with dedicated audio apps

Sure, you can create what you think is the ideal relaxation playlist on Spotify and that might help — but music may not always be the answer. 

White noise apps

Does this sound familiar? You’re finally slipping peacefully into dreamland when your neighbor decides it’s time to hit the town, slamming their door on the way out (and on the way in a few hours later). Apps like Sleep Pillow or Sleep Sounds: White Noise provide you with gentle, consistent white noise, which effectively masks these sudden changes in sound or volume, helping to improve your focus or assist with falling asleep. 

Nature sounds apps

Do you prefer the audio experience of camping from the comfort of your own bedroom? Apps like Nature Sounds and Rain Rain are perfect if the soothing sounds of nature tend to calm you down (just don’t click on “stampede” or “avalanche”).

Definition of binaural beats refers to listening to two tones playing at slightly different frequencies and the effect it can have on your brain

Binaural beats apps

Binaural beats refers to listening to two tones playing at slightly different frequencies and the effect it can have on your brain. Many believe this helps lower stress, increases focus and also assists with falling asleep. You can experience it for yourself with apps like Binaural Beats – study music or BrainWave.

Now it’s time to put these relaxation techniques to use

We’ve covered several relaxing things to do on your phone; now it’s time to actually relax. And if you find yourself stressing about your wireless bill, we can help with that too. Our excellent customer care, nationwide coverage on America’s largest 5G network and buy-in-bulk savings (we like to call it “no-bill chill”) are just a few reasons why you and your handheld relaxation tool, AKA phone, may want to make the switch to Mint Mobile.

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