Activation troubleshooting guide

Having trouble activating your new Mint Mobile account? We’ve got a few tips you can follow that should help make things go smoother. 

Update Software

Make sure your phone is running on the most up-to-date operating system to avoid any software-related hiccups. You can double-check this in your phone’s Settings menu. 

Ensure Network Stability

Make sure you have a secure Wi-Fi connection or strong data signal throughout the activation process. In other words…no activating while riding the subway. 

Ensure Device is Unlocked

You won’t be able to use a Mint Mobile SIM card in your phone if it’s still tethered to your previous carrier’s network. If you brought your own phone to Mint Mobile, make sure it’s unlocked

Check Device Compatibility

If you’re activating via eSIM, first double-check to make sure your phone actually supports eSIM. Most modern iPhone and Android devices do nowadays, but it doesn’t hurt to confirm.

We’ve also got a few extra steps you can try in our dedicated eSIM troubleshooting guide.

Restart the Device

Yes, “Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?” is a running joke in the tech industry because, well…it works. A lot of simple issues can be resolved with a quick restart of your phone.

Verify Android APN Settings

APN (Access Point Name) is a crucial network setting in Android phones that enables them to connect to the internet. If you’re on an Android phone, you can easily configure your APN settings using our guide

Still not working? Let us help

If after all this, you’re still unable to activate your plan, reach out to our Care team for assistance. Just be sure to give them a call from a different phone than the one you’re activating your Mint Mobile SIM card on. If your plan is activated and you’re experiencing service issues, we recommend exploring our service connectivity tips for help.

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