Can I bring my current phone to Mint Mobile?

Yes, you can definitely bring your current phone to Mint Mobile as long as it’s unlocked and compatible. We call it Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP for short) and it’s another way you can save money when you make the switch to Mint.

What is an unlocked phone and how do I check if mine is unlocked?

Unlocked phones are phones that aren’t tied to a specific carrier’s network. That means an unlocked phone can work with more than just one service provider. On the other hand, if your phone is locked, it usually means it’s not paid off or you’re still under contract with your previous carrier. You can call your current provider to check if it’s locked or unlocked. If it’s locked, here’s how to unlock your phone. When you call your provider, they can also unlock your phone for you.

How to check that your phone is compatible with Mint Mobile

A compatible phone means the phone’s network is a match with ours. If you previously used that phone with AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Simple Mobile or Straight Talk, then it’ll probably work with Mint. Essentially any 5G or 4G LTE-supported phone that accepts a physical SIM card (or supports eSIM) will work on Mint.

Use our compatibility checker to see if your phone will work on Mint. You can check compatibility with:

  • The name of your current provider and phone model
  • Or, for best results, your phone’s IMEI number which can be found by dialing *#06#* or going to your phone’s settings

Note: If your phone is compatible and unlocked, you can also bring your phone number with you, too. 

What if my phone isn’t compatible?

If your phone isn’t a match for our network, there are other options. We offer a wide variety of new cell phones, all of which are guaranteed to work with our service. Many also come with bundle deals that include our wireless. You also have the option to purchase an unlocked phone from a third party or directly from a manufacturer, but, of course, you’ll want to verify that the phone is compatible and unlocked before purchasing.

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