How do I get a Mint Mobile eSIM?

What is eSIM?

Short for “embedded SIM,” eSIM is just a physical SIM card that has gone digital. At the cutting edge of wireless technology, eSIM allows you to have two numbers on the same device, swap operators and activate your carrier instantly. Major benefits of going digital include not having to manage physical SIM cards, not having to wait for a physical SIM card to be delivered, and the ability to activate immediately after purchase. For an in-depth look into all eSIM functions, study up on What is eSIM.

How do I get eSIM? 

If you are new to Mint, and have an unlocked, eligible phone you can choose eSIM at time of purchase and activate it instantly. If you’re an existing Mint customer and your phone is eligible for a Mint Mobile eSIM, just call our Care team at 800-683-7392, and we’ll help you swap out your SIMs.

Is my current phone eligible for eSIM? 

You can check your phone’s eSIM compatibility on

Can I switch my physical SIM card for eSIM?

Yes, as long as your phone is compatible with eSIM and is unlocked. Right now eSIM is available on select Apple and Google phones.

To get a replacement Mint eSIM, you can make a request via the Mint Mobile App or call our Care team at 800-683-7392.

Be aware that we give you the first five eSIMs free of charge within a twelve month period. After the first five, eSIMs are $3 each (within that twelve month period). If you ever want to switch back to a physical SIM at any time, no problem. Just order a replacement SIM through Account Management. Once the physical SIM is activated, the previously used eSIM will no longer work.

Now you’re ready to get started with eSIM and to select the best wireless phone plan for you. See you in the wireless future.

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