What features come with Mint Mobile plans?

When shopping for a cell phone plan, there are a few different things you’ll want to consider when it comes to features. Having the ability to talk & text seems obvious enough, but what about international calling? What are the mobile data options? And, if you’re considering a big wireless carrier (ew) what streaming service that you didn’t ask for is also tacked onto the bill?

At Mint Mobile, we pride ourselves on having all the features you love, and none of the ones you hate. We don’t do gimmicks or unnecessary add-ons because we’d prefer to just charge you less. A novel idea…we know. But what features are included in a Mint Mobile plan? Let’s get into it:

  • Unlimited talk & text
    • Kinda weird that not everyone does this by now, but yeah…you’ll never run out of minutes or text messages.
  • The nation’s largest 5G network
    • Mint Mobile runs on the T-Mobile network, which covers over 90% of Americans with 5G and over 99% of Americans with 4G LTE.  
  • 5G for free
    • We don’t charge you extra for access to our 5G network (could you imagine?). All you need is to be in a 5G coverage area with a 5G capable phone.
  • Free calling to Mexico & Canada
    • Check in on our neighbors to the south & north at no additional cost. We also have super-low international calling rates to 160+ other countries around the world.
  • Free roaming in Canada
    • While you could always call to Canada for free, now you can roam in Canada for free. Enjoy free unlimited talk and text plus 3GB of high-speed data when visiting Canada. Your data renews monthly alongside your plan, at no additional cost. 
    • Free Roaming in Canada: Not for extended international use; service may be terminated or restricted for excessive roaming. Coverage not available in some areas.
  • Scam Screener
    • Scam Screener is a scam call protection tool that keeps Mint Mobile customers safe from scammers and screens for spoofed calls. When you receive a suspected scam call, Scam Screener will allow the call to go through and automatically identifies the call by displaying “Scam Likely”.
  • Mobile hotspot
    • Use your high-speed data however you like, including powering another connected device via mobile hotspot (max 10GB of hotspot with unlimited plans).
  • Mint Mobile app
    • View your data usage, pay your bill, modify your plan, build & manage your Mint Family, refer friends and more from our easy-to-use mobile app. You just can’t order sushi from it (the developers told us to stop asking).
  • Free Wi-Fi calling
    • If you ever find yourself in an area with Wi-Fi but no phone signal (like your friend’s gaming basement), you can make phone calls and send text messages via Wi-Fi at no additional cost.
  • Free 3-in-1 SIM card
    • Again, kinda weird that some wireless carriers charge extra for this thing that you need to use their service. Anyway, ours is included and comes with all three sizes to fit your phone.
  • eSIM
    • If your phone is compatible with Mint Mobile eSIM, you can activate your plan instantly right on your phone.
  • Data right-sizing
    • Many cell phone carriers are happy to upsell you to an unlimited plan, but not us. Not only will we help you find the right data plan to start, but if you end up using less data than you thought, we’ll also recommend switching to a lower-priced plan when your renewal comes around (to save even more money). 

What features aren’t included? Unexpected overages when you use all your data, neverending contracts that get extended any time you change something on your plan, and subscriptions to things you never wanted to begin with. Like we said, none of the features you hate. Just premium wireless and savings

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