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4 Ways to Save A Fox Ton On Your Wireless Bill

By Mint Fox

Originally published September 24, 2019


Last Updated April 5, 2023

You know the feeling. That pang of dread when you realize your wireless bill is coming up. I mean, we don’t know the feeling, since we offer big, bulk savings so you can ditch your wireless bill for up to a year…but we hear that other people do. So we’ve pulled together some of the best tips to getting the most out of your plan

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but we’ve got some hacks to help you grow a bit more in your bank account by cutting costs from your wireless bill.

1. Use Wi-Fi Wherever You Can

Ever notice how your fav café, gym and yoga spot offers free WiFi? It’s not just a nice favor, it’s a no brainer. Sign in to Wi-Fi wherever you go and you’ll save a ton of data and it’ll be much easier to download apps, stream music or movies, and upload media to your social feeds. If the password isn’t easy to find, don’t be shy—ask nicely and they’ll probably tell you. Data = money. WiFi = free. Save data for your car karaoke commute.

2. Know How Much Data You Are Using

Paying for a big data plan that you don’t need is like wearing pants that are 3x too big. Make sure you’re not overpaying by checking your data usage on your account bill summary. Most folks pay through the nose for unlimited data, but the average American only uses about 6GB. Don’t be that person. If you’re using way less data then you’re paying for, it’s time to switch to a smaller data plan.

3. Wait to Upgrade

FOMO is a no no. Most people upgrade their phone after less than 2 years, but most smartphones can be used way longer than that. When you buy a new phone on finance, you’re locked into payments for another 18-24 months, upping your bill.

Don’t let the dude behind the counter talk you into a phone that’s probably not much more advanced than the one you have. You could save hundreds and have one less expense. One less expense is common sense.

4. Switch to Mint Mobile

By far the best advice in this entire post. Mint Mobile has the best deals in wireless with plans starting at $15 bucks a month with nationwide coverage and high-speed 4G LTE. Pick the monthly data amount you want—we’d never make you overpay—and enjoy unlimited talk and text, so you can wear out all your friends. Chose from 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB on our plans page.

Not sure which data plan is right for you? No worries, we have all the information you need.

Mint Tip: If you love us, right now we’ll give you renewal credit for each friend you refer to Mint Mobile cause we’re cool like that.

Alright, now that you’re a little bit smarter, go out and save. This post is toast.

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