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It’s Thanksgiving dinner and the table is set. You’ve got your turkey, your mashed potatoes and stuffing, and you are STARVING. You go to carve yourself a piece of turkey when you hear it: your crazy uncle’s chainsaw burning through the turkey. That is so not right.

Whether you’re celebrating a Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving this year, we know friends, family, and all their antics are the gifts that keep on giving. So, whether they’re giving you laughs or you’re giving disappointed stares, share your favorite #thatsnotright Thanksgiving moments for a chance to win a year of Mint Mobile service.

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So, call up your friends and family this Thanksgiving and give them a thank you- on us! And don’t forget to share your #thatsnotright moments.

With all these savings, you and your friends will have wallets as full as your stomachs.