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How to send a voice message on iPhone

By Josh Levesque

Originally published April 5, 2024


Last Updated April 5, 2024

You’re texting your friend about something wild that happened on your way home from the store and they need to get the full story. You can’t just write “saw a cat street gang today” and leave it at that. How did you know they were a street gang? Describe the cats’ matching outfits. Did they have a theme? It’s too much to cram into a single text message, but you can’t call them because you know they’re at work. The solution? A voice message. This blog will show you how to send a voice message on iPhone to your friends, because they really should hear the excitement in your voice when you describe the synchronized tails.

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How to create a voice message on iPhone

First things first, it’s time to put your producer hat on and record this track:

  1. Open the Message app
  2. Create a new conversation or open an existing one
  3. Tap the + button 
  4. Click “Audio” and it will start recording
  5. Click the stop button when you’re done and…
    1. Tap the play button to listen to it 
    2. Tap the + button to record a bit more
    3. Tap the X to cancel it

How to send an audio message on iPhone

Once you’ve followed the steps above, you just have to tap the up arrow to send the message you’ve recorded. You then have the option to save the message by tapping “Keep,” so you can revisit the experience in the future, or compare notes when you run into a rival cat gang later, in another part of town. If you don’t save it within two minutes of sending it, it will be automatically deleted from your phone.

How to listen to and save voice messages on iPhone

Keep your Producer hat on as you listen to your friends’ messages so you can provide them with constructive feedback like “Wow, that’s crazy” or “You did not actually say that.”

  1. Open the Message app
  2. Select the conversation that has a voice message in it
  3. Tap the play button in that voice message
  4. Slide your finger left & right on the soundwave to rewind or fast forward
  5. Hold down on the play button to speed up the message 
  6. Tap “Keep” if you wish to save the message
    1. You must save the voice message within two minutes of listening to it or it will be automatically deleted from your phone

Note: If you wish to save all of your voice messages, you can go into your iPhone settings, select “Messages,” scroll to Audio Messages, tap “Expire,” and select “Never.”

It’s also important to note that this method of sending & receiving audio messages only works from one iPhone to another. If you want to send a voice message to a friend with an Android phone that you haven’t already bubble-shamed into never messaging you again, keep reading.

How to send an iPhone voice message to Android phones

The Voice Memo app on your iPhone allows you to record audio messages and send them via email or text message to other phones (like Android) in addition to other iPhones. So your friend can truly hear the pain in your voice when you insist they switch to iPhone for the umpteenth time. (Some people just really like Google’s UI and that’s okay.)

  1. Open the Voice Memo app
  2. Tap the record button to start recording your voice message
  3. Tap the stop button when you’re done
  4. Tap the play button if you’d like to listen to it before sending
  5. When you’re ready to send it, tap the three dots next to the recording
  6. Click the share button and choose how you’d like to share it
    1. You can send it as a text message, via email or store it in the cloud

You ought to know iPhone audio messages now

Say that five times fast. Then record it and send it to a friend, because now you can send voice messages like a pro. No more typing out full monologues or trying to describe via text the sound your car is making. Just don’t overdo it; you don’t wanna be that person who’s essentially just having their side of a phone call. Speaking of, check out our other blogs on texting etiquette and phone etiquette while you’re here. Or take the time to learn a few more iPhone hacks. Then treat yourself to the greatest wireless hack of all: bringing your iPhone to Mint Mobile. Click here to learn why Mint Mobile is the best choice for your iPhone and your wallet.

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