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Why loud budgeting is the next financial trend

By Josh Levesque

Originally published January 31, 2024


Last Updated February 27, 2024

Mint Fox with a sign that says Why loud budgeting is the next financial trend

Many people go into each new year with new goals they’d like to achieve, and a lot of those goals tend to be financial. Being more intentional about your spending and setting a budget you can not only stick to, but you can be open and vocal about with others, is a great way to set yourself up for financial success. This is why we think you may appreciate 2024’s newest financial trend: loud budgeting.

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What is loud budgeting?

Budgeting, of course, is when you look at the money you have coming in, look at the things you need to buy with it (food, rent, etc) and make a plan to spend less money than you’re earning in an effort to become more financially secure. Loud budgeting is essentially the same thing, just doing it out loud. This means setting boundaries for how and where you spend your money, and being more open and vocal about it.
The phrase “loud budgeting” was coined on TikTok as a response to the 2023 trend of “quiet luxury.” The idea behind “quiet luxury” is investing good money into understated, timeless items instead of opting for the low-cost, less sustainable choice season after season. Dripping in “stealth wealth” has its benefits, sure…but what about not spending a lot of money when you don’t have to? And even better, not being embarrassed to openly admit you’re in your savings era? That’s what loud budgeting is all about.

Mint Fox with a sign saying How does Loud Budgeting work

How does loud budgeting work?

Basically, loud budgeting is about being confident & outspoken about saving money and vocalizing how you intend to spend your money.

  • Draw inspo from social media while also being LOUD on social media about how you’re participating in #loudbudgeting.
  • Have open discussions with others about your financial limitations and what you’re willing to spend money on. (You can use your indoor voice for this one, but the sentiment is still there.)
  • Say no to plans you’d rather not spend your money on and don’t be afraid to say why— whether you’d rather put that money toward debt or you’re just saving for better plans later.
  • Avoid chasing trends that just make you spend more money, whether it’s the latest fashion fad, the hottest electronics or a popular activity to post on Instagram (remember when everyone was really into ax throwing?), FOMO be damned.
  • Prioritize experiences and your own personal growth over the latest & greatest products from pricey high-end brands.

How can I be a part of this year’s loud budgeting trend?

“Let’s go shopping”
“Nah I’m saving money”

It’s easy to start loud budgeting in just a few steps — and no, screaming “I’m broke!” at your bestie isn’t one of them. It’s not about declaring you don’t have enough money or that you just don’t want to spend it, it’s about being more intentional with your spending. Allocate the money you do have to stuff that’s really important to you and be open & vocal about it. When your friend says “Let’s grab dinner and go see a movie” you can say “I’m saving for a vacation later this year, so $100+ on dinner and a trip to the theater ain’t gonna work for me. Why don’t we order a pizza and just watch something at my place?” Then you’re not completely missing out on hanging with your friends, but you’re still managing your finances in an open and honest way. That’s loud budgeting.  

Why Mint Mobile is on board with loud budgeting

We’re all about saving you money here at Mint Mobile. And that’s an every year thing for us, not just a 2024 trend. We can get behind an idea that encourages people to be more mindful of their spending because that’s something we’ve been doing since we launched. Other companies leverage FOMO to try to get more money out of your account and into their pockets, but we do things differently. You can bring your own unlocked phone to Mint Mobile, you don’t need the latest & greatest. If you’re paying for more data than you’re using, we’ll tell you to switch plans and pay less. And if you’ve seen some of our ads, you know we’ve got the “loud” part down pat. 

Mint Mobile can help you with loud budgeting

Our mission at Mint Mobile is in line with the idea behind loud budgeting. We want you to spend less money on wireless service so you can spend more money on the stuff you really want. We give you unlimited talk & text so you can make plans with your friends. We’re on the nation’s largest 5G network, and we want you to use it by traveling the country (you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten authentic Pittsburgh pierogies, just saying). We’ve been loud budgeting for years and passing the savings on to our subscribers the whole time. So if you want to make loud budgeting part of your 2024, it may be time to switch to the wireless carrier that offers flexible data options, great deals on new phones and plans starting at $15/month*. That should help you crank the volume on that budget all the way to 11. Click to learn more about why Mint Mobile will have you shouting your savings from rooftops.

*New activation and upfront payment for 3-month plan req’d. Taxes and fees extra. Addt’l restrictions apply. Unlimited customers using >40/GB will experience lower speeds. Video streams at ~480p.

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