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New year, new savings: How Mint Mobile can help you do more in 2024

By Ashley Burnett

Originally published January 18, 2024


Last Updated February 9, 2024

New year, new savings with Mint Fox celebrating

It’s a new year, which means a new you. This is the perfect time to take stock and figure out what you want to accomplish this year — and how you can make it happen. While we’ll leave the specifics to you (and your vision board), we can help with the whole making-it-happen thing. By offering premium wireless at an affordable price, you can save more on your phone bill and spend money on the stuff you actually care about. 

Here’s how we might be able to help you achieve some of your 2024 goals.

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We offer premium wireless service at an affordable price – and help keep more money in your pocket

As we mentioned earlier, we help you save money for the things you really care about by offering premium wireless for, well, less. Our introductory plan for new customers starts at just $15 a month for three months ($45 total, equivalent to $15/mo)*.

After that, the savings continue when you renew and purchase a 12-month plan and get a whole year of Mint for only $180 (plus tax), enabling potential savings of up to $180 annually compared to AT&T and Verizon’s 5GB prepaid plans.** And with Mint’s Unlimited Plan for $30/mo* for a 12-month plan ($360 total), you can save over $400 annually when compared to AT&T and Verizon’s unlimited prepaid plans.**

How can we go so low? Years of practicing limbo and because our focus is on providing affordable phone plans with no unnecessary add-ons or multi-year contracts. And despite offering data for such a reasonable amount, when it comes to our data we just keep going higher and higher. Yep, we’ve raised the data amounts of our plans three whole times without raising the price.

Graphic copy that says “How you could spend your extra $180” with Mint Fox thinking of different ways to spend $180

Ideas for what you could do with an extra $180 

So, planning on switching? Here’s what you could do with that extra $180 to make 2024 the best year ever.

  • Get a gym membership

With $180, your first few months could be taken care of completely. Pump iron, hit up a Pilates class…the gym is your oyster. 

  • Learn a new language 

Whether it’s a tutor or an online language learning program, you could use your savings to learn how to speak a new language (Klingon, anyone?)

  • Take up a new hobby

Singing lessons, painting supplies, a new pickleball set — $180 could buy you a whole new hobby for the year ahead.

  • Get streaming services you actually want

We don’t bundle you into streaming services like overpriced wireless carriers do. Instead, with our prices, you can subscribe to multiple services you’ll actually watch, whether it’s K-dramas on Viki or good ol’ Netflix.

  • Treat yourself 

A spa day? Ice Cream Fridays? Fine leather goods? Whatever your version of “treat yourself” is, $180 could definitely help. 

  • Sign up for a meal delivery service 

Hone your chef skills or maybe just make your work week easier with a fancy new meal delivery service kit.

  • Stress less

Instead of hitting the gym or treating yourself, maybe that extra $180 in your pocket just helps you worry a little less about money. Maybe those extra bucks can help create some wiggle room for groceries, gas money or cover unexpected expenses.

Graphic copy that says “How you could spend your extra $360” with Mint Fox thinking of different ways to spend $360.

Ideas for what you could do with an extra $360

Switching from Verizon? Fox yeah. Here’s what you could do with an extra $360/year.

  • Upgrade to first class 

File this one under “really treat yourself.” The average upgrade to first-class one-way costs $263***, so you could get a lie back seat, some fancy airplane pajamas and still have a little extra spending money for your vacay.

  • Save it

Or you could be totally responsible and hold onto your savings for a rainy day and/or put it toward a major spending goal. 

  • Take a road trip

We all know how up and down gas prices are. Put your savings toward your next road trip so you can see the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn without worrying about the gas needed to visit. 

  • Make a major donation

Doing good feels good. With a little extra money in the bank, you could contribute majorly to a cause you feel super passionate about. 

  • See that dream concert

Everyone knows concert ticket prices are just a liiiittle crazy right now. An extra $360 could help you see that concert you’ve been wanting to see or seriously upgrade your seats.

  • All the ideas from the last section, but double it

Too much of a good thing doesn’t exist here at Mint Mobile.

  • Bulk up your budget

Just like an extra $180 can totally help you when unexpected payments come up, $360 can seriously help you. Unexpected vet bills, a buffer for your emergency funds, a student loan repayment… put it toward something that will help you breathe a little easier when you see your bank statements for the month.

Here’s to living your best life in 2024

Of course, these are just a few of the things you could do with all that extra moolah. You could also go skydiving, take up metal detecting, use the savings to dye your hair pink and orange… the possibilities are endless. The real TL;DR: Mint makes life easy for you by not making you overpay for wireless.
Why do we do it? Because we understand that now, more than ever, mobile data is a necessary utility for people. And we want every customer to have a plan that works well for them and the confidence to set it, forget it and live their best life. Here’s to 2024.

*New activation and upfront payment for 3-month plan req’d. Taxes and fees extra. Addt’l restrictions apply. Unlimited customers using >40/GB will experience lower speeds. Video streams at ~480p.

**Plan comparisons based on competitor info as of 11/21/23. For more plan features, visit each applicable competitor’s website for details. 


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