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What a Bundlef*!: Beware the bundle

By Mint Fox

Originally published May 19, 2023


Last Updated February 2, 2024

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It happens pretty much anytime you buy something: you’re offered a deal if you buy more. We’re not talking about buying in bulk (we actually love that), we’re talking about bundling. Your internet company probably gave you the hard sell on bundling TV and a landline phone. The last car salesperson you dealt with likely tried to get you into the model with fancier wheels and a deluxe stereo system. And now Verizon is offering phone plans with discounted add-ons they’re calling “perks” that don’t really feel like a great deal at all. And that’s exactly why we call it…the Bundlef*! (we said fox…maybe).

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What does Bundlef*! mean?

“Bundlef*!” is a bunch of services thrown together by other wireless companies under one bloated price. As in, a bundle that’s not actually a good value and might be worse for you long-term. Sure, buying internet + TV + a landline phone might be cheaper than buying all three separately (even if you’ll never use that landline phone), but that’s not what big wireless is doing. Before, they were bundling multiple streaming services you didn’t ask for under one bloated price and calling it a deal. And compared to what they’re doing now, it was a deal.

How you could end up getting Bundlef*!ed

Verizon just announced new plans that no longer include streaming services “on them.” Instead they’re offering two “myPlan” options with available add-on “perks”:

“Unlimited Welcome” for $65/month, which is unlimited talk, text, and data but no hotspot, no streaming services and not even their best 5G service.* 

“Unlimited Plus” for $80/month, which is unlimited talk, text, and data with their 5G Ultra Wideband service, 30GB of hotspot, and still no streaming services.* 

Now for the “perks.” You get to add The Disney Trio Basic or Apple Music for an additional $10/mo each. So the services that used to be included are now costly add-ons…even hotspot. Mint’s Unlimited Plan includes 10GB of hotspot and costs just $30/mo,** less than half what their “Unlimited Welcome” plan costs before any “perks.” And yes, they’re seriously calling them perks because…they don’t actually know what perks are.

Build your own bundle with Mint

We’re not done. Let’s see what else you could do with that extra “I’m-not-with-Verizon-anymore-because-they-Bundlef*!ed-me” money.

Chart comparing prices of single line Verizon Unlimited Welcome Plan and Mint's Unlimited Plan, with and without streaming services

Mint Mobile’s Unlimited Plan plus the premium, ad-free version of The Disney Trio and Apple Music Family is the same price as Verizon’s Unlimited Welcome plan before you add on any of their “perks.” At this point, it’s hard to keep up.

Do you need more streaming services? Maybe you do, we don’t judge. Just know that switching to Mint Mobile’s Unlimited Plan for just $30/mo* gives you the actual freedom to mix & match the streaming services you really want, even ones Verizon doesn’t offer, while still saving more. We call that un-Bundlef*!ing yourself.

Maybe you don’t even watch that much TV and you’d rather use your money on a clothing subscription service or one of those prepared meal boxes. With Mint, you can do whatever the f*! you want (we said fox), it’s your money. You could also just save your money. Because helping you save your money is one of our favorite things to do. 

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Unbundles of joy

If you haven’t noticed yet, at Mint we like to do the opposite of whatever the other guys are doing. When they raised their rates and blamed inflation, we actually deflated our prices instead. They increased prices on loyal customers, we increased the data amounts on all our plans at no cost, THREE TIMES NOW. Sorry, we thought all caps made sense there. And while they’re charging a ton of money for wireless service so they can offer slightly discounted streaming services (sorry, “perks” lol), we’re unbundling to give you more flexibility…and more of your own money. We’ll just stick with providing you premium wireless at a great low price and all the savings that comes with it. What you do after that is totally your call. 

Okay, if you’re tired of joyless bundling, feel free to browse our new customer offers and find a plan that’s right for you. You can even bring your own phone, your own number and especially, your own streaming services.  

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*As of 05/17/2023 for single line. Does not include $10/mo. AutoPay & Paper-free billing discount. Taxes & fees extra.

**Data speeds reduced during network congestion or after monthly allotment of 5G and/or 4G LTE access. Certain data-intensive activities including online gaming, file downloads/uploads, and video streaming, may be limited and/or inaccessible on network after 40GB on Unlimited Plan. Videos stream at ~480p.

As of 05/17/2023. Based on monthly subscription prices to The Disney Trio Basic ($12.99/mo), The Disney Trio Premium ($19.99/mo), Apple Music ($10.99/mo) and Apple Music Family ($16.99/mo). For full details, see and

†Comparisons as of 05/17/2023 for single lines. Taxes & fees extra. Verizon myPlan does not include $10/mo. AutoPay & Paper-free billing discount. Mint Unlimited Plan req’s new activation & upfront payment for 3-mos. Mint Unlimited customers using >40GB will experience lower speeds. Video streams at ~480p. Addt’l restrictions apply. See for full terms.

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