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Mint Family

The easy way to manage up to 5 plans, all under one account.

  1. View Monthly Data Usage

    Streaming? Surfing? Cat videos? See how much data each member of your Mint Family is using and make adjustments if needed.

  2. Add and pay for additional data

    If they need extra, we’ve definitely got extra. You can even add INTL roaming credit.

Manage each plan through the mint app (or online)

Easily make changes, get notifications and pay for plan renewals because…convenience.

manage plan


As the Primary account, you'll need to make sure Auto Renewal is turned on.

Starting your mint family is easy

  1. Go to your Mint Family dashboard
  2. Send invites (must be current Mint customer)
  3. They accept
start mint family

Frequently Asked Questions

Mint Family is the easy way for one account to manage up to four other existing Mint accounts, all in one place. After members accept an invitation from the Primary account holder, then the Primary will be able to:
– Pay for all member’s plan
– Make changes to their member’s plan
– View monthly data usage
– Add or approve requests for data, international roaming and wallet funds

Simple. Create your family in just a few steps:
1. Log into Account Management (app or online)
2. Navigate to Mint Family
3. Send an invite to another existing Mint customer
4. Share with them your unique code
5. They accept by entering your unique code in account management
6. Now you are family (at least a Mint Family)

Any existing Mint customer can start or become part of a Mint Family.
If you are wanting to start a Mint Family, then you just need to have an active plan, and be signed up for Auto Renewal. And, anyone you invite into the Family needs to be an existing Mint customer. Easy.

No need for discounts, you’re already saving a fox ton on your wireless bill. And, although there aren’t any discounts you get the ease of managing multiple accounts in one place.

No. Each member can be on a different plan, with a different renewal date. And because the Primary account is signed up for Auto Renewal, it means they don’t have to keep track of different payment dates. To make it even easier, we will be sending you an email or SMS when a member of your family is coming up for renewal. Another way to help stay on top of things.

As the Primary of your Family you are able to do a number of things:
– Invite and remove members
– Change and pay for your members plans
– View your members data usage in real time
– Accept or decline requests made by family members for add-ons
– Give your members nicknames
– Hand your primary responsibilities to another member

As a member of a Family you can sit back and relax while the Primary of your family pays for your plan.

You can also:
– Send requests to the Primary for additional data, international roaming credit and wallet funds
– View your request history and data usage in real time
– Plus everything you normally do in account management

Although if you need to change your plan, your Primary will need to do this for you. You’ll need to reach out directly to them to make this request.

As a member of a Mint Family, you will need to have your Primary change your plan for you. They are paying after all.

A unique invitation code is a 6-digit code that is created when a Primary account sends an invite to a future member. It is unique to the member that is being invited.
To accept the invite to join the Family, the invited member will need to get the code from the Primary and enter this into account management when they accept.
It is a little security measure we added to make sure the right invite is sent to the right person.

Unfortunately, right now you are unable to change the avatar that is assigned to you. But come on, they are all just as good as each other.

Are you accessing Account Management online or in the app?

– To request a data add-on online, go to your Mint Family dashboard and choose which add-on you’d like to request.
– To request a data add-on in the app, choose which data add-on you’d like to purchase in the right-hand navigation menu and send the request to your Primary, instead of checking out.

Once the request is sent, your Primary will have 24 hours to accept the request.