15 Days of Mintmas – The Answers

On the 15th day of Mintmas, the Mint Fox gave to me ….

Our 15 days of Mintmas has come to a close so we’ve done a bit of a round up for those who wanted to know the answers!

See which ones you got right, and keep checking our social for more giveaways!

(Answers at the bottom.)

1. Can you spot all the candy canes?

2. What song is Mint Fox singing this holiday season?

3. How many SIM cards are hidden in Mint Fox’s tree?

4. Can you decode Mint Fox’s Mintmas card?

5. Mint Fox is feeling tropical. Can you guess the tune he’s jingling to?

6. What’s different about these two pictures?

The Answers

  1. 15 Candy Canes
  2. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
  3. 15 SIM Cards
  4. Noel
  5. Mele Kalikimaka
  6. 12 Total –
    1. Santa sack
    2. Santa present
    3. Xmas Light colors
    4. Left Tree added star
    5. Left tree removed ornament
    6. Right tree Streamer difference
    7. Fox has direction change
    8. Fox hat missing puff ball on right
    9. Fox hand difference
    10. Fox phone different color
    11. Snowman hat
    12. Snowman nose

How many did you get?

Mint Fox signature and paw print

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